Kulfi Kumar Upcoming twist to watch out next week

Kulfi Kumar Jimmy Tony plot to the talented SSG

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming twist Kulfi wants to escape by some way possible and reach Sikandar. The separation pain badly affects her. She knows that even Sikandar would be longing for her. Kulfi tells the kids that they can make something to fly away from the remand home. The kids think if she is joking. She tells him that her father has told her about the lantern which flies in the air. The kids get an idea about making a hot air balloon. They rush to the library and read about the hot air balloon, its making, required things to create and its usage. They hide from Amma and her guards, while they gain information about a hot air balloon.

They try to find out their weights so that they can workout the hot air balloon capability. They want a big cloth to make the balloon. Kulfi tells them that they should always give a chance to themselves, one who tries always wins. She tells them that they may succeed if they try, else the last option is to stay captive in the remand home. The kids agree to give it to a try and join Kulfi.

On the other hand, Amyra tells Sikandar that her life is getting over, but she wants to practice singing by getting rid of her illness and tiredness. Sikandar is happy to train her. She becomes his sincere student. He gets emotional and misses Kulfi when she behaves like a good person. Amyra touches his feet and makes him cry by touching his heart. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to cry. She wants to become his good daughter. Sikandar helps Amyra by commencing her training. He misses Kulfi. He is happy to see the big change in Amyra. He reminisces the time spent with both his daughters. During the practice, Amyra collapses down. Sikandar gets worried for her life.

Meanwhile, the kids at the remand home try to arrange the things needed to make the balloon. The kids try hard to stitch the different clothes pieces altogether. Sikandar and Lovely panic seeing Amyra’s state and call for the doctor. The doctor checks Amyra and advises Sikandar not to make Amyra sing, else it can be proved fatal for her. Sikandar worries that he can’t fulfill Amyra’s big wish.

Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra’s state is fragile and she can’t handle any stress. Sikandar has to explain Amyra that she can’t sing. Its a big task to refuse to her. He doesn’t want to hurt Amyra’s heart in any way. Amyra tells Sikandar that she is fine and she can practice well. He doesn’t want her to put her life in risk. Amma gets suspicious when she finds some kids busy and away. She wants to know what’s going on. Kulfi lies to Amma and tells her that they have distributed the cleaning tasks.

Consequently, Amma questions Kulfi further to get a clear idea of what’s happening secretly. Amma knows something is definitely odd. She keeps an eye on the kids. Kulfi feels upset when she lies. Sikandar takes a decision that Amyra will sing, but not at the cost of her life. He wants her to get fine before he takes up the singing task. Kulfi gears up and works on her plan to make the hot air balloon with the help of her friends. She inspires the kids to fight for their freedom, when they haven’t done anything wrong. She doesn’t want to bear the tortures by evil Amma. Will Amma catch the kids’ big escape plan? Keep reading.


  1. I am getting bore with this serial now these dayz ,its boring,so sad for the director Gul khan ,she has to learn from ekta kapoor that how to make interesting a serial for long time


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