Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely Unexpected Offer for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely Unexpected Offer for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely stays surrounded by tensions of sorrow and guilt because of Amyra’s ill health. Kulfi and the kids finally make a hot air balloon cloth by much hard work and determination to escape from the remand home. They make plans to attain their freedom and meet their families. They get emotional with the thought that they will go home. The kids spend some time together, sharing their plans and dreams. Kulfi is happy to get an opportunity to sing on the huge stage of singing competition so that she can meet Sikandar. She asks the kids to participate with her in the competition. She tells them that Sikandar will teach them music for sure.

Consequently, Sikandar tells the family that music can never weaken Amyra. He worships music and is sure that Amyra will recover if she pursues her dreams. Amyra gets happy when she gets the nod from the doctor as well. Sikandar and Amyra get emotional. Amma tries to catch the kids red-handed. She is sure that they are upto something. Sikandar tells Amyra that they will begin practice soon. He doesn’t want anything to come between Amyra’s singing practice.

Lovely gets happy that Sikandar and Amyra’s bond is stronger than before. The kids get alert of Amma and quickly hide the hot air balloon stuff from them. Amma finds them awake and scolds them. The kids come up with a fake fight to mislead Amma. Amma gets angered seeing the indiscipline. The kids don’t want Kulfi to get caught. Kulfi is upset that Rocket took the blame on him and got punished by Amma.

Meanwhile, Sikandar teaches music to Amyra. He wants to know the reason for her health deteriorating at much speed. Kulfi proceeds to collect some ropes and a big basket material to make the hot air balloon. Rocket tells them that he got punished, but he used it as a chance to collect things for making their balloon of hope. Sikandar tries to give strength to Amyra. He asks her to concentrate and chant with him so that she can have a deep breath. Kulfi and the kids carry out other plans to get the ropes from the remand home storeroom.

Kulfi gives hope to the kids and tells them that once they go out from the remand home, they can move on in their lives, just the way they want. They find hard to arrange hot air for the balloon.

They come up with different ideas to produce hot air. The kids make plans to use multiple hair dryers to blow the hot air inside the balloon. Sikandar doesn’t want Amyra to lose her heart. He encourages her and finds with the sorrows alone. Amyra realizes how he is controlling his tears and feels bad. He sings to give her courage. Kulfi also sings the same song to encourage the kids, so that they can wish and build a hot air balloon soon. Sikandar and Kulfi miss each other and derive strength from their memories. Lovely meets Sikandar and finds him a weak moment.

She enquires if he is still worried for Kulfi. She wants to tell him about Kulfi to lessen her guilt. Sikandar gets a shocker by Lovely’s unexpected offer to reveal about Kulfi’s whereabouts. Kulfi fears to get caught by Amma, while she is in the final phase of the hot air balloon making. Will Kulfi’s escape plan fail? Keep reading.


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