Silsila Upcoming twists turns and high drama

Silsila Upcoming twists turns and high drama

Silsila Upcoming twists turns. Ruhaan feels bad that he has become a reason of tension in Mishti and Pari’s lives. Mishti and Pari stay heartbroken over the past truth of their mothers, whose friendship got ruined because of Kunal. Ruhaan tries to share Pari’s sorrow and pain. He goes to cheer her up and comes up with mischief to bring a smile on her face. Radhika doesn’t want Mauli and Nandini’s bad equations to affect their daughters. She feels scared for Mishti, who is much affected by Mauli’s life. She tells Sukamini that Mishti is not really living her life while trying to balance her life to avoid the complications like Mauli had faced. Sukamini asks her to take this in a positive way since Mishti values relations and have much courage to fulfill her duties.

Radhika feels even Pari is suffering as she has commitment phobia. Radhika knows that Pari is afraid of relationships and falling in love. Sukamini is sure that Mishti and Pari’s relation will never come to the same point as Mauli and Nandini. She wants someone who teaches living life to them. Ruhaan gets to know the complicated relations of Kunal, Mauli and Nandini. Pari tells him how it feels to hear her mom getting accused for breaking a family.

Pari finds Mishti in equal pain and apologizes to her. She feels sorry for the past. She didn’t wish their relations to get tangled in such a manner. She realizes the pain Mauli had suffered because of Nandini. She promises that such situation will never come in their lives. She knows the past will always highlight to ruin their happiness. She wishes Mishti doesn’t get troubled. Mishti relieves Pari from the guilt. She apologizes to Pari for hurting her heart. Mishti didn’t wish to give sorrow to Pari. The sisters end their little differences by expressing their love bond.

They reconcile and want to love each other as own sisters. Veer meets Mishti secretly to surprise her. Mishti gets stunned for a minute by getting scared by his presence. She turns surprised on seeing Veer. He tells her that he has big plans for their first Holi. They romance for a while. Veer applies her the colors of his love and celebrates Holi secretly. Pari breaks their moments unknowingly. Pari paints Ruhaan’s face to pull a prank on him. Ruhaan and Pari get Mishti between their mischief. Mishti doesn’t like Ruhaan at all. Pari unknowingly pushes Mishti in Ruhaan’s life.


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