Kulfi Krishna Kasauti Rishta Star Plus Hits

Kulfi Krishna Kasauti Rishta Star Plus Hits

Kulfi Krishna Kasauti Rishta Spoilers and more. Shivani confronts Veer for not keeping his promise and doing a fake marriage drama by supporting Krishna. She scolds him for cheating her and having an affair with Krishna. Veer gives her an answer and confronts her for Krishna’s wardrobe malfunction. He tells her that he can reveal her crimes to everyone if she wants to drag the matter. He tells Shivani that its her decision if she wants to marry him. He asks her to free him and leave if she wants. On the other hand, Krishna feels like she has cheated the family. She cries and shares her pain with her Bua. Bua understands Krishna’s feelings for Veer and suggests her to accept Veer. She asks Krishna to listen to her heart and marry Veer. Bela speaks the truth to Shivani that Veer is still fooling her on the name of marriage, since he just loves Krishna.

Shivani doesn’t give up and decides to marry Veer. She tries to charm him and acts as a good friend. She makes another evil plan to teach a lesson to Veer, and separate him from Krishna forever. Veer doesn’t force his wish on Krishna and maintains his silence. He wants Krishna to realize her love and come to him. Krishna finds a big change in him and wants to admit her feelings to him. Shivani doesn’t want any moment to get created between them again.

Veer loses all emotions when Krishna doesn’t admit her feelings and maintains the distance. He is worried that he might end up marrying Shivani. Shivani wants to kill Krishna so that Veer never gets Krishna’s love. She plans Krishna’s accident. She gives a task to Krishna to get sindoor from a specific temple. She informs her goons to kill Krishna. Krishna’s life falls in trouble when the goons find her at the temple. Krishna collects the auspicious sindoor. Veer reaches Krishna in time and saves her life, while the sindoor falls in Krishna’s hairline. Krishna gets worried for Veer, who had put his life at stake to save her. Krishna finally admits her feelings for Veer, fearing to lose him forever.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi is happy with her new friends in the remand home. She is selfless and true. She has won many friends and their love. The kids plan to escape from the remand home. They all love Kulfi for her innocence. Kulfi and the kids lie to Amma, when they get close to get caught. Kulfi enjoys with the kids. She wishes her plan works out and she escapes from the remand home. Sikandar is upset over Amyra’s life coming to an end. Amyra wants to learn singing. She is much depressed. She wants to fulfill her last wish to become a superstar like her dad.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Komolika keeps a condition in front of Anurag and asks him to show their love to Prerna if he really means his word. She asks Anurag to prove his love by filling the sindoor in her hairline to complete their marriage. Anurag makes excuses to mislead her. She tells him that he can’t avoid her right now, else she will derive the truth out of his behavior. Anurag gets helpless and takes the sindoor to fill her hairline. Anupam throws water balloon at Komolika and ruins the sindoor moment. He saves Anurag from Komolika’s trap. Komolika gets angered on Anupam. Anurag tells Komolika that he was going to fill sindoor, but the balloon came in between. She fumes and rushes to complain to Mohini. Komolika wants to take Prerna’s signatures on the legal document, which states Prerna giving up her rights on Anurag as his wife.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira falls into the lake while distancing herself from Kartik. Kartik saves Naira from drowning. Naira gets her memories back in a jiffy when her life falls in danger. Kartik asks her how can she risk her life. He shows his concern for her. She tells him that she remembers everything and she knew he will always be for her to protect her. Kartik gets delighted to know that Naira has regained her memories. The couple gets a sweet moment developed between them. He can’t ask for anything better than their union. Naira has suffered a lot and now she has restored her entire memories. She tells Kartik that she forgives her for every mistake of him. He feels lucky. The family keeps a marriage function for them to surprise them and help them have a fresh start.



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