Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar much awaited union finally

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar much awaited union finally

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar decides to keep his promise given to Amyra. He tells Lovely that he won’t break his promise to Amyra and won’t get Kulfi back. He asks her to accept the punishment, since no good deed can save her now. Lovely tells him that she can just assure him that Kulfi is fine. She lets him remember Kulfi and tries to calm his anger. Sikandar tries to give strength to Amyra and help her sing. He tells Amyra that she can sing and she has to just convince her heart. Amyra sings along with him. Lovely gets small bits of happiness.

Sikandar fills the participation form and encourages Amyra to sing in the competition. She tells him that she just wants to make him proud by winning the competition. He tells her that he will always be proud of her. He misses Kulfi and lies to Amyra. Amyra senses that he is missing Kulfi and hiding his troubles. She tells him that once she leaves him forever, he can bring Kulfi home. He doesn’t want any insecurities to reach Amyra’s heart. He tries hard to keep her happy.

On the other hand, Kulfi and the kids make the hot air balloon by staying strong and not losing courage. Amma gets suspicious of the kids. She tells Rajan that the kids are upto something and they should better find out before its too late. She sends Rajan to find out what’s happening. She makes a plan to divide the kids and keep them away to fail their plotting. The kids try to outsmart Amma by acting sick. Kulfi runs back to the kids and asks them to carry out the escape plan. They get happy with the fact that they will soon escape. Amma finds all the kids missing. Rajan finds them and wonders what they are up to.

He lies to Amma about the kids. Rajan helps the kids in escaping in the hot air balloon. He feels proud of the kids. He doesn’t want to lose hope and gets involved in their creation. He wants to protect the kids from Amma. Kulfi continues to sing and encourage the kids. Amma reaches the terrace and finds the door locked. She wants to know what are the kids doing there. She calls the guards to break the door.

The kids try hard to stop Amma. Sikandar breaks down seeing Amyra’s weak condition. He wonders she will find strength to sing in the competition. Amma breaks the door and reaches the kids. She gets to see their big escape. Rajan acts to save himself from Amma’s wrath. Amma fails to stop Kulfi and her friends. Sikandar asks the family to support him in taking care of Amyra and fulfilling her dream. Kulfi flies off in the balloon of hope. Kulfi finally finds a way to rush home and meet Sikandar. She wants to turn her dreams true. She dreams of a union with her father, for which she has been waiting since a long time. Sikandar and Kulfi will be uniting. Will Kulfi finally attain her freedom and make a way to reach Sikandar? Keep reading.

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