Shocking twists Yeh Rishta Kaira union Gayu’s dilemma evil

Shocking twists Yeh Rishta Kaira union Gayu's dilemma evil

Shocking twists Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The families get a good surprise with Naira’s recovery. Naira plays a prank on them and gives them ultimate happiness, revealing her memory restoration. Kartik tells them that this was a big surprise for all of them, Naira remembers everything now and she has even forgiven him for all his decisions and mistakes. The families can’t wish for anything better on the day of Holi. Naira retains her memory of Kartik and her love story. The families also have a fear that she may lose her memories again. Kartik and Naira ask them not to let their fears come between their faith and just stay happy.

Naira accepts that fact that Krish is Kirti’s child. Dadi asks them to be happy for what they have, than being upset for what they don’t have. Naira tells them that she was upset with Kartik for baby swapping, but she then understood his decisions. She tells them that she isn’t angry on Kartik, she wants to stand by him always like he always protects her happiness. She tells them that she remembers everything, and also realizes why Kartik refused to marry her.

Everyone is happy that fate has brought Kartik and Naira together, their true love has won, they have united forever. Naksh feels sorry. Naksh and Kirti apologize to them. Kartik asks them to stay happy. They wish each other for the new celebrations and happiness arriving on the day of holi. Naira assures Kirti that she won’t come between her happiness. Kirti sidelines her insecurities regarding Naira. Naira wants Kirti to remain Krish’s mother. Kartik and Naira celebrate their love together after a long time by dancing their way into their happiness. They celebrate Holi. Naira brings colors in Kartik’s Holi. The families dance along like never before. Gayu gets tensed about her health.

Naira enquires about her health. Gayu hides her problems from Naira and makes excuses. She doesn’t want anyone to know about them. Kartik adds a streak of romance to have fun in holi. Lav and Kush always come as a savior for Kartik and Naira. They give a chance to romance to Kaira. The families understand that Kaira needs some Alone time to be together. Kartik and Naira find ample time to romance and express love. Kartik doesn’t want her to leave him ever in his life. He can accept her hatred, but not a separation. She tells him that her heart found him even when she lost her memories, since their relation is special.

Kartik and Naira fulfill the marriage rituals once again and get happy. Lav and Kush become the romance breakers this time. Kartik doesn’t want them to kill their romance. Kartik is happy that sorrows have ended from his life. Samarth finds Gayu worried about something. Since he knows her well, he tries to find out what’s bothering her. Goenkas plan to welcome Naira home. They plan a grand Grahpravesh for Naira. Kartik wants to rush Naira home. They have a sudden fall. Naira gets hurt once again.

Everyone worries when she doesn’t respond for a while. Kartik apologizes to Naira. They get afraid when Naira feigns a memory loss again. Naira gets naughty and pulls a prank again. Kartik asks her not to be a drama queen. Everyone wishes Kartik and Naira to stay happy always. Thieves enter the holi event to rob the rich families. Kartik and Naira come in their sight. Thieves realize that Kartik and Naira had bashed them on the Valentines’ eve. They plan to take revenge by kidnapping Naira.


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