Silsila Love confession twist to add complication

Silsila Love confession twist to add complication

Silsila Love confession twist Arnav gets expressing his feelings to Pari. He tells her that he loves her a lot and he doesn’t like her friendship with Ruhaan. He doesn’t want Pari to be with Ruhaan. Pari tells him that she knows his feelings very well, and she respects him a lot. She doesn’t love him. She tells him that love isn’t meant for her. She apologizes to Arnav. She tells him that she didn’t feel love until now. Arnav is ready to give her time. Pari feels love when she sees Ruhaan. She wants to be just his friend, but she finds tough to stay away from him. She tells him that her heart is taking her towards Ruhaan. Arnav is upset to know how Pari is feeling for Ruhaan. He asks her not to tell about Ruhaan to make him jealous. Pari tells him that she isn’t doing this intentionally. Ruhaan finds Mishti hiding from everyone to get saved from colors.

Mishti stays in her own self and waits for Veer to smear her the colors. Pari goes to talk to Ruhaan. She tells him that she feel she is in love with someone. She makes a love confession. Ruhaan asks her who is the lucky guy. Arnav goes mad when he hears Pari talking to Ruhaan. He wants Pari to accept his love. Pari doesn’t tell Ruhaan that she loves him. She asks him if friends can fall in love.

Ruhaan advises her that friends know each other well, such love is really understanding. Arnav wants to propose Pari for marriage. Sukamini breaks Pari and Ruhaan’s moment by playing holi with them. Everyone enjoys holi, while Radhika stays in sorrow over her family’s loss. Ruhaan finds Radhika crying and missing the family. Ruhaan asks Radhika to get her sorrow out by the tears. She reveals how she had lost Kunal, Mauli and Ishaan forever. Ruhaan bonds with her like Kunal would have been if he was alive. Ruhaan wants Radhika to play holi with them. Veer finally arrives to meet Mishti. He wants to smear colors to Mishti first.

Mishti runs to him with the colors platter. Pari stops Veer and plays holi with him. The family surrounds Veer. Mishti gets mistaken that Ruhaan has thrown the colors at her. She confronts Ruhaan. She warns him to stay away at least for the sake of friendship which Veer cherishes with him. Ruhaan clarifies that he didn’t throw any colors at her.

Mishti asks Ruhaan not to snatch Veer’s rights to smear colors to her face. Veer takes it as a challenge and throws the colors. He unintentionally smears the colors over Mishti. Veer finds a moment between them and gets puzzled. He rushes to Mishti. Ruhaan warns Mishti against her demeaning behavior. Mishti is left enraged by Ruhaan. Ruhaan advises Pari to confess her love to the person she loves, so that she doesn’t complicate the things further for herself and that person whom she loves.

Pari gets reluctant to tell Ruhaan that its him, whom she likes. Ruhaan tries to make her get clear about her feelings, since delaying a love confession may lead to many complications and misunderstandings in her life. When Pari doesn’t name the guy she loves, Arnav gets mistaken that she is talking about him. Ruhaan feels Pari should speak up her feelings. Will Pari confess her love to Ruhaan? Keep reading.


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