High Five Spoilers YRKKH Muskaan Udaan and more

High Five Spoilers YRKKH Muskaan Udaan and more

YRKKH Muskaan Udaan and more. Ronak and Muskaan have a line of cute moments, away from Kajal’s evil. Ronak confesses his love to Muskaan by creating a moment of romance. Muskaan realizes Ronak’s feelings. She gets happy and reciprocates his feelings. Muskaan too makes a love confession. Ronak can’t believe his ears. His life gets filled with happiness. Ronak and Muskaan’s love story begins. Kajal gets worried to find them romancing. Muskaan plans a surprise for Ronak. Kajal tries to come between them again to make them apart. Kajal involves Gayatri to ruin Muskaan’s happiness.

Kartik and Naira are happy in their own world. The Goenkas plan to get Samarth married. Everyone gets intoxicated by the thandai. The goons follow Naira and Gayu to the house. Naira fights with the goons alone and wants Gayu to fight them too. Gayu doesn’t listen to her. Naira gets puzzled when Gayu doesn’t help her. Naira handles the goons again. She confronts Gayu after she makes the goons run away. She asks Gayu why didn’t she help. Gayu tells her about the unplanned pregnancy.

Naira is happy to know about Gayu’s pregnancy and promises to hide the truth from the family. Gayu doesn’t want anyone to know this before her marriage with Vivaan. Kartik and Naira have sweet moments. Kartik wants Naira to come home. Naira fools him and enjoys by denying to his wish. Dadi learns that her brother Purushottam is coming from the US. Everyone is happy to welcome Purushottam home. Singhanias bid farewell to Naira, and send her to Goenka house with Kartik. Naira meets everyone in the family and is happy to go with Kartik. Everything gets fine in Naira’s life. Everyone gives wishes to Naira. Naira doesn’t cry in her bidaai, and tells everyone that they have to smile.

Kartik can’t wait to take Naira to Goenka house. On reaching Goenka mansion, the family gets surprised to meet Purushottam. Naira falls in Purushottam’s evil sight. Kartik and Naira celebrate their honeymoon once again. Naira pulls Kartik’s leg by showing her romantic side.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
The show takes a three year leap. Rocky serves his punishment in the jail. He gets released and purses the way to success. He wants to prove himself to his family. Happy becomes a businesswoman and leads her family. Happy and Rocky cross their paths again.

Udaan: Anjor and Sameer have a romantic dance in the Holi party. Anjor has fallen in love with Sameer. He doesn’t want to fall for her again, since he has promised his dad that he will become a responsible son. Anjor expresses her love for Sameer in the drunken state. Sameer controls his feelings by recalling how Anjor has insulted his parents. Anjor gets kidnapped, while he runs to her rescue. Anjor apologizes to him. Chakor leaves from the holi party in much sorrow. Chakor finds Nethra in trouble. Chakor saves her from Tara’s plan. Mohini prepares to hit Chakor from her car, but Nethra saves Chakor’s life. Chakor and Nethra become saviors from each other. Mohini and Tara fail in their attacks.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Veer get engaged. Their dreams get fulfilled when their families bless them and support their relationship. Veer finds happiness in Krishna. He makes love vows to Krishna. Veer has succeeded to win his love. Krishna is also very happy to find love in her life once again. Veer romances Krishna. The truth of Radhe’s accident will be coming out to ruin Krishna’s happiness. Veer is responsible for Radhe’s accidental death. Even Veer isn’t aware of this truth that the person he had knocked down was Radhe. Veer and Krishna celebrate their togetherness.


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