Star Plus Kasautii Krishna Upcoming twists

Star Plus Kasautii Krishna Upcoming twists

Star Plus Kasautii Krishna Upcoming Veer and Krishna’s relation gets accepted by the family. He romances her and asks her to tell him that she loves him a lot. She teases him by turning down his request. He wants to hear her love confession once again. Dulaare tells Krishna that he will help her in completing her love story. He gets her home and reveals the entire happenings to her family. He tells them that Veer and Krishna love each other and want to get married. Krishna feels upset thinking her family won’t understand her feelings and refuse to accept Veer. She gets a good surprise when they happily look forward to her marriage with Veer. They also want Krishna to move on in her life with Veer. Krishna feels happy that her family is so understanding and valued her feelings.

Dubey wanted Krishna to have a fresh start and good future with Veer. Bua tells him that they should meet Veer’s family soon. Krishna feels guilty that she is betraying Radhe. Dubey explains her that Radhe will always be her first love, but she has to look forward to her future with Veer. He tells her that she isn’t doing anything wrong to secure her happiness. He wishes her all the best and asks her to marry Veer. He doesn’t want Shukla family to know about Veer and Krishna’s marriage. Even then, the news reaches Shukla because of Shivani.

Shukla gets enraged with the news. He asks Shivani to find out the marriage date, so that he can stop the marriage. He doesn’t want his son’s widow to get remarried. Veer meets Krishna’s family to decide the marriage date. He gets the marriage talks ahead. The families keep a small engagement ceremony. Veer and Krishna get engaged in a romantic way. Dubey is in dilemma over informing Shukla about the marriage. He doesn’t want to hide anything from Shukla family.

Dubey takes the big step and informs the Shukla family about Krishna’s marriage with Veer. He invites them for blessing the newly weds on their big day. Shukla makes an evil plan against Veer. He controls his anger and accepts the marriage invitation. Veer and Krishna meet at the temple and begin their marriage rituals. Their marriage gets a hurdle in the form of Shukla. Shukla strongly opposes their marriage. What will Veer and Krishna do to end Shukla’s wrath? Keep reading.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag and Prerna’s holi gets brighter because of Komolika’s planning, which works in their favor. He finds Prerna in intoxicated state. Mishka helps Prerna and warns her against Komolika’s plans. She asks her not to sign any documents. Komolika doubts Mishka and tries to make her away. Mishka fails to alert Prerna in a proper way. Komolika hurries up to get Prerna’s signs on the legal documents.

Anurag deliberately performs with Komolika to anger Prerna and instil hatred in her heart. Prerna turns jealous seeing Anurag and Komolika. Komolika loses the documents while performing. Mohini and Nivedita learn Komolika’s plans. Mohini doesn’t support Komolika and asks her not to cheat Prerna this way. She wants to stop Komolika from taking any wrong step. Anurag wants to help Prerna, so that she stays safe. He tells her that he wants to protect her since she isn’t in her senses. They spend time when he controls Prerna in intoxicated state.

Mishka advises Anurag to stay with Prerna to save her from Komolika. She alerts him about Komolika’s plans. Komolika brainwashes Nivedita and Mohini against Prerna, and convinces them to support her in her plans. Mohini hates Prerna and agrees to support Komolika. She asks Komolika to take Prerna’s signs and throw her away. Anurag stays with Prerna to stop her from coming in Komolika’s sight. They have sweet moments while he makes fresh vows of love to her. Prerna reveals her pregnancy news to Anurag, shocking him to the core.


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