Kulfi Kumar Unthinkable shocker with major twists

Kulfi Kumar Unthinkable shocker with major twists

Kulfi Kumar Unthinkable shocker. Sikandar awaits Kulfi anxiously, hoping for some miracle to happen. He wants to write a nice song for Amyra, while thinking of Kulfi, since he can’t live without her. Sikandar senses Kulfi around him and turns more restless. He goes out to look for her. Kulfi enjoys the holi festive celebrations. She likes the kids playing with the colors. Kulfi and Sikandar come face to face and meet finally. Kulfi is happy that its not any dream, but a reality moment.

Sikandar and Kulfi’s dreams get fulfilled when they meet after a long time. Sikandar hugs her and cries out. He is meeting her for the first time after knowing the truth that she is his daughter. Kulfi tells him that she is back to him after much difficulties. He tells her that he was waiting for her since long. She tells him that she was too scared to lose him, she missed him every moment. She reveals how much difficulties she faced and stayed strong to come to reach him. She doesn’t want to leave him again.

Sikandar celebrates happiness with her return. He tells her that he badly missed him. They have cute talks and try to fasten their stories which occurred in her absence. Kulfi asks him about the family and Amyra. Sikandar turns helpless again when he recalls the promise given to Amyra.

He stops Kulfi from going inside the house. Kulfi finds him shattered. She thinks if he is okay, if he is dealing with big problems. She asks him to share his problems with her. She wants to know about Amyra. Mohendar too gets emotional when Kulfi returns home. He tells her that she shouldn’t go anywhere from the home now.

He is happy that Sikandar’s daughter is back. He wants to take her home. Sikandar stops Mohendra and tells him that he will first meet Lovely and Amyra, and break this good news to them. He doesn’t know what to do. He feels its his another big test. He can’t stay happy with his daughters. He feels cursed by his fate. He doesn’t want Kulfi’s return to badly affect Amyra’s life. He doesn’t want to let Kulfi go away. He decides to convince Amyra by love. Lovely and Amyra are happy that Sikandar changed towards them. Amyra wants to watch the kids playing holi.

Sikandar plans to beg to Amyra so that Kulfi gets a place in the house. He wants to become the best father. Mohendar tells Kulfi that they all missed her a lot. He asks her to keep patience, Sikandar would be making arrangements to welcome her. He tells her that she means a world to Sikandar. He asks her to wait for Sikandar’s surprise. Kulfi wants to play holi with Sikandar. She tells Mohendar that she wants holi colors to play with Sikandar. Mohendar takes her to play holi. Sikandar gets tensed on seeing Amyra.

He tells her that he wants to talk something really important. He doesn’t want Amyra to react in anger. Amyra gets to see Kulfi and feels sick again. Lovely and Amyra turn shocked on seeing Kulfi back. Amyra asks Sikandar not to get Kulfi home. Sikandar tells her that she didn’t break his promise. Amyra blames him for breaking his promise once again. She collapses down. Sikandar turns helpless to keep Kulfi away. He tells Amyra that Kulfi won’t come to live with them. He promises Amyra to save her life. He tells her that he can’t live without Amyra. He makes a big sacrifice for Amyra once again. He doesn’t know how to snatch Kulfi’s happiness. Kulfi asks Sikandar if he will play holi with her.

He feels ashamed to cheat his own blood. He knows Kulfi has no one in her life and her future will be ruined if he abandons her. He doesn’t know how will he break his bond with Kulfi. He turns emotional to give her shocking news to Kulfi. Kulfi rejoices playing holi with Sikandar. He doesn’t want to do injustice with her. He gains courage to express his decision to Kulfi. He tells Kulfi that she can’t live with them, since Amyra is important to him. Kulfi breaks the truth to him that she is his daughter. He acts stone-hearted and asks her to get away forever, since he doesn’t want to lose Amyra. Kulfi gets shell shocked with Sikandar’s abandoning move.


  1. If Sikandar has promised Amyra that he will not live with kulfi… It’s fine but is Mai kulfi ki kya galti … Atleast Mahindra should take care of her n all kids till things get fine .. n waise ye sab lovely ki wajah se ho rha h Sikandar ki beti ko kyu nahi apna skti jab Sikandar Kar skta h toh n lovely Ko Amyra Ko bhi samajhna chahiye pyar batane se badta h

    • Right n how can her real father do that. Just for the sake of his second wife n daughter . Very bad . Not fit to be gud father. Selfish father n cannot see kulfi crying all the time, poor baby. Only Amyra happiness is imp. Loveleen n Amyra only thinks abt themself. As they spoiled many lifes killed kulfi’s Mother n Tever lifes also.

    • How stupid can sikander be not loyal to nimrat or kulfi being manipulated by lovely and amyra he never was assertive deserves all the pain and his mother is another dumb character thumbs down to the makers

  2. Why can’t the truth prevail. Ameyra needs to learn to share her father as all siblings learn. Sikander should tell lovely that her Penalty for what she’s done is to convince Ameyra to do a good turn and accept Kulfi. She can easily do so as Kulfi is such a charming and well behaved girl.

  3. Very bad decision of sikander in reality he does not love his daughter but an illgimate child of lovely If sikander and Kulfi live together happily serial will end If sikander does not want Kulfi his brother can adopt her Now no sympathy for sikander

  4. This is getting sick now. I think you guys will lose viewership by doing this. TRP will not increase but decrease.. it’s disappointing.. Amyra is not even his own daughter and he is sacrificing the love of his own child for her.. very sad! What are we teaching our children? Nonsense….

  5. In fact Amyra is not even his daughter….how can he abandon Kulfi??? Horrible track going on….just change the track n make sikander accept Kulfi……

  6. Maybe sikandar became spineless. He is crying to express pain but being selfish again. How will little girl manage her life without her only parent left alive. So depressing track.

  7. Sikandar should explain lovely to accept kulfi. Or send lovely away. There are many options left than sending kulfi away.

  8. What rabbish thy r showing… thy supporting wrong things… when amaiya saw kulfi she got breathing prob bt as sikander promised her tht kulfi will nt stay with them she became fine… all naitanki… it’s getting bakwas

  9. This show is getting worst day by day. I will stop watching this show. Everytime same bullshit. Not reality, how can you abandon your own blood and promise someone else’s child. Doesn’t make any sense.

  10. its wrong sikander…kulfi is ur own daughter….dont reject her…amyra should be punished..beacuse she is in injusties part…

  11. Amiyra is to selfish, she is more selfish than Loveleen. Only Amiyra dont know her real father and maybe she should. They should let all the kids from the home go live in Kulfi village so she gets away from Sikander and live happily

  12. There is enough love for two girls. The script needs to turn on Lovely. Amayra’s father should come back to claim his child . She did not suffer for her wrongdoing. It’s like the writers are saying it’s okay to poison and use my child… Where is Kulfi going to go? The reunion was indeed anticlimactic.. what a waste after all this time! Sikandar needs to grow some ‘you know what’ and man up ! He is allowing the influence of his evil wife to dictate his decisions on blood! Maybe Kulfi should flip and turn just like Amyra…. one way to make this story worth anything. I only read updates … can’t bear to watch the saliva spillage .

  13. Amyra is not Sikandar’s daughter?How can he let Kulfi go away from him?Really crap.Is he mad?Lovely and her daughter Amyra they r crazy?How can they ask Sikandar to stay away from his blood,

  14. Amyra is not Sikandar’s daughter?How can he let Kulfi go away from him?Really crap.Is he mad? Lovely and her daughter Amyra they r crazy?How can they ask Sikandar to stay away from his blood?

  15. Plss accept Ur princess kulfi make Amyra understand how u accepted her being tever child. Loveleen u r a bitch for destroying many lifes n kulfi life.


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