Weekend Spoilers Kulfi Kumar Krishna Roop Ishq Mein

Kulfi Kumar Krishna Roop Ishq Mein

Kulfi Kumar Krishna Roop and more. Kulfi breaks into tears when Sikandar expresses his hatred towards her. He declares that she isn’t needed in his life, since she means nothing to him. Kulfi shatters with his bitter words. Kulfi isn’t aware of the big troubles ahead. She has always faced difficulties since she had Sikandar’s memories as her strength. She now loses courage since Sikandar had ended ties with her. She feels she has lost everything in her life, her life’ aim and happiness. Sikandar meant the world to her. She feels she has lost her world, and now she has no hopes left.

Kulfi has always been an inspirations for others. She loses all the hopes, when Sikandar abandons her. She feels like an orphan. She can’t believe that Sikandar has abandoned her, just like he abandoned Nimrat. She doesn’t know that he has taken this big step just for Amyra’s sake.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Vasundara gets hurt. Deep calls a doctor and medical team to treat her. He suspects the nurse and thinks she is Aarohi. Nurse calls him mad and scolds him. She refuses to work in Deep’s house. Aarohi bribes the nurse and asks her to stay there to keep an eye on Deep.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Veer get married with the support of their families and Gajanan. The families are very happy for them. Krishna’s Grahpravesh happens in Veer’s house. Krishna is beginning her new life. Krishna is very happy with Veer. They play the ring finding ceremony. Veer tricks Krishna to win the game. Krishna understands his move. She plays the same trick with him. Veer wins the round by finding the ring first. Veer challenges her to lift him. Krishna fails to move him. They pull each other’s leg jokingly. Veer lifts his bride and takes her. Veer and Krishna’s romance begins. Shukla plans to ruin Veer and Krishna’s happiness by framing Veer in illegal drugs case.


Police arrests Roop because of Ishika. Jigna and Kamla try to stop the police. Shamsher asks inspector who has filed the complaint. Inspector Himani tells him about Ishika’s complaint, since Ishika is forcing Jigna to divorce her husband. Jigna changes her statement and saves her brother. Ishika doesn’t know why is Roop supporting Shamsher. Roop is doing everything to please Shamsher. Roop and Ishika are getting distant because of his wrong doings. Roop doesn’t want Ishika to interfere in his family matters. Roop becomes Shamsher’s puppet.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Saraswati and Durga try to burn Akshat’s dead body to end all the evidences. Durga scares Saraswati to support her in the crime. Akshat dies, while Guddan and family mourn for her. Police blames Guddan for Akshat’s death. Guddan tries to prove her innocence. Angad is planning the evil things. He gets shagun chunri for widow Guddan and tells her that he will marry her, since this was Akshat’s last wish. Guddan is alone to fight with her life’s problems. She will expose Akshat’s murderers.

Ronak and Muskaan have a romantic outing. Kajal gets along with them to spoil their fun. Ronak and Muskaan enjoy the boating. Kajal throws her doll inside the waters. She asks Muskaan to get her doll. Kajal pushes Muskaan into the waters. Ronak becomes Muskaan’s savior. He saves Muskaan and gets into a romantic moment with her. Ronak wants to surprise Muskaan and confess love. Ronak and Muskaan shout out their love confession to each other. They get happy to finally make the confession. He tells her that he was waiting since long to share his feelings.



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