Kartik Naira Huge Conflict in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik Naira Huge Conflict in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik Naira Huge Conflict lined up. Kartik and Naira celebrate Gangaur once again. They are happy to celebrate Gangaur after a long time. The families got a new chance to celebrate happiness. They are also happy for Gayu and Vivaan’s marriage functions beginning. Kartik and Naira welcome Singhanias in Goenka house. Both the families wish good to Kartik and Naira, for their union. Kartik surprises Naira by a lovely gesture. Naira gets emotional to be back in Goenka house and celebrating her new life with them. Kartik and Naira promise to be always with each other. They make an idol with the raw soil.

Gayu makes the idol alone and takes it for doing puja. Gayu’s idol slips, but Samarth reaches to her rescue. Samarth helps Gayu in her puja. Everyone looks happy and dances while singing Gangaur songs. There are many cute moments between Kartik and Naira. Purushottam dances with Kartik and Naira. He finds a chance to get close to Naira. He gets a beautiful necklace for Naira. He gives it to Kartik and asks her to help Naira. Kartik says its tricky one, I m unable to pin the loop.

Purushottam says its complicated just for the safety. He tells Kartik that he will help Naira wear the costly necklace. Naira feels uncomfortable that Purushottam’s intentions are wrong. Purushottam hides his intentions for a while and clears Naira’s doubts on him. Naira feels guilty to doubt on Purushottam. Mansi is scared of Purushottam. Mansi is hiding the big truth of her past.

Gayu is concealing her pregnancy truth from the family. She fears the family’s reactions when her pregnancy gets known. Kartik and Naira find a chance to romance like always. Purushottam stares at Naira. Kartik isn’t aware of Mansi’s tensions because of Purushottam. Anmol arrives in Gangaur puja to be with Mansi. She gets a big relief to have her husband along. There will be a big conflict in the Goenka house when Naira and Mansi reveal Purushottam’s truth.



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