Kulfi Kumar New twists Little Superstar Competition next

Kulfi Kumar New twists Little Superstar Competition next

Kulfi Kumar New twists. Kulfi is heartbroken after her father’s big deceive. She runs away from Sikandar. She still gets new hopes and inspiration from the remand home kids, who are now her good friends and family. Kulfi is ready to take a new flight of hope so that she succeeds and makes her own life. She wants to succeed and become independent. Kulfi and her friends hide their identity and use masks to participate in the singing reality competition, so that they don’t get caught by the remand home chief or police. Kulfi meets the judges. She doesn’t reveal her name so that she gets a fair chance to present her talents. Kulfi wants her friends to be safe too. The innocent kids take a big risk and hide from Amma ji.

Kulfi is sure to win Little superstars competition, so that she win money and also clear her name. The judge makes fun of the remand home kids, when she learns that the kids have escaped from remand home. Kulfi gets angry when the lady speaks ill about them. The music director likes Kulfi’s voice a lot.

She wants to meet Kulfi. She tells others that Kulfi can really sing. She wants to support Kulfi. She goes to personally meet Kulfi. Kulfi wins the votes from the music jury. Amyra will be participating in the same competition. Fate will bring Sikandar and Kulfi face to face once again.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika gets angry on Prerna, knowing about her pregnancy truth. She doesn’t want Prerna to unite with Anurag. Prerna reveals her pregnancy to Anurag in her intoxicated state. Anurag pampers Prerna a lot knowing she is pregnant. They both have a remarriage and sweet moments during their Holi celebrations. Komolika wants Prerna to leave from Basu house. She cheats Prerna by acting as a friend and then takes Prerna’s signatures on the legal papers. Komolika will try her best to break Anurag and Prerna’s marriage, and in turn prove their marriage legalized.


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