Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar shocking delude

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Jobless Sikandar fights fate

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kulfi and the kids try to find some help. Rocket tells the kids that his uncle may help them. The kids find the police looking for them. The police searches for them everywhere. The kids run away from the police. Mohendar searches for Kulfi. He misses to find her. He wants to inform Sikandar about her. Kulfi and the kids reach the singing competition event venue. They want to help themselves. Kulfi tells the kids that maybe they will find something after getting saved from the police. Amyra finds Sikandar in sorrow. She doesn’t acknowledge his sorrow and just insists him to teach her singing so that she wins the competition. She gets selfish once again, and just focusses on her leftover life.

Sikandar pities her and teaches her singing, by shedding his sorrow regarding Kulfi. He is mistaken that Kulfi is in safe hands. He thinks Mohendar has taken Kulfi with him. He isn’t aware that Kulfi is in deep trouble. Amyra is happy that she is singing well. She wants Sikandar to be happy too. He tells her that he is happy in her happiness. Police finds the kids.

The kids trick the police and run away. They succeed to get saved from the police. Mohendar reaches close to Kulfi and doesn’t see her. There is a close hit and miss between them. Mohendar loses Kulfi once again. Kulfi thinks there is some connection that they have come back to the same singing event again. She tells the kids that they have reached their destination. The kids want to win in their goals. Kulfi stays depressed since Sikandar’s abandonment has killed her happiness. The kids ask her not to miss this big change. They ask Kulfi to help them in winning their life’s goals. Kulfi sheds tears. The kids tells Kulfi that they have to win in the competition so that they win in their lives. The kids feel hungry.

They don’t have any food or resources of living. They face many troubles, while awaiting the commencement of the singing auditions. Kulfi wants to help the kids. She tells them that she will sing and win the event, so that she can expose Amma’s truth to the world. The kids stay outside the event hall to meet the organizer. They want to find some way to hide their identity, since the pamphlets are everywhere.

Kulfi asks the kids not to fight or break their unity. Sikandar and Kulfi reminisce each other and shed tears for their separation. Kulfi doesn’t know why Sikandar had wronged her life. Kulfi’s friends come up with an idea to hide their identity and participate in the competition. Sikandar meets Mohendar to know about Kulfi. He hopes she is fine. Mohendar finds Sikandar panicking. He hides the truth that Kulfi is missing. He tells Sikandar that Kulfi will be fine in some days, she needs time to understand their situation. Mohendar fears for Sikandar’s bad health. He assures to keep Kulfi happy.

He thinks of finding Kulfi before anything goes wrong. He gets compelled to lie to Sikandar for everyone’s good. He rushes to find Kulfi. Lovely and Amyra prepare for the singing competition. Lovely is sure that Amyra will win. Kulfi and her friends also prepare for the same competition. Sikandar sheds tears in Kulfi’s memory. The family wishes Amyra for her big day. Sikandar and Lovely take Amyra for the auditions, where Kulfi is already present.


  1. I hope selfish Amyra do not win, allow Kulfi to win and have some success in her life. Amyra always had everything and is dying anyways

  2. Sikandar is crying like a saas bahu drama. Babu, s have not cried so much but yes Sikandar is crying n crying. Shame on the direction


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