Yeh Rishta High drama twists in Goenkas’ Gangaur

Yeh Rishta High drama twists in Goenkas' Gangaur

Yeh Rishta High drama twists. Naira finds Mansi’s behavior weird and wants to know the reason. Purushottam asks why did the family get Mansi married so soon. Surekha tells them that Mansi is very happy in her marriage. Purushottam tells Kartik that he will meet him after a while. Naira is happy to find Kartik so happy. Kartik romances Naira while she plans to help Gayu. She hides about Gayu’s pregnancy. Ila observes Mansi’s tensions. She hopes that Mansi is happy in her marriage. She asks Purushottam to talk to Mansi about her marriage issues. Purushottam keeps a good image in front of everyone. Ila feels proud to have a father like him. She is sure that his trip will be memorable one.

Purushottam stays much keen to talk to Naira. Gayu informs Naira that she will meet them at the hospital. Kartik is happy that Naira will be alone with him, and they can spend good time. Purushottam disturbs them. He gives them gifts. He asks Naira to give the gift to Mansi on his behalf. Akhilesh and Surekha are sure that their kids will also like Purushottam. Lav and Kush don’t like Purushottam’s personality as the family is praising him. Kartik wants to talk to them.

Mansi informs Anmol that she wants to return home. She asks him to come soon and pick her. Kartik and Naira find her missing Anmol a lot. They ask Mansi why is she hurrying to go back to in-laws home. Mansi behaves weird, being in the fear zone because of Purushottam. They handover Purushottam’s gifts to Mansi. Mansi doesn’t get happy. She doesn’t want to be with Goenkas to celebrate Gangaur. Kartik doesn’t let Mansi leave. Anmol arrives home to meet Mansi. He promises to celebrate Gangaur with the family. The family plans celebrations for Gangaur. Kartik pulls Ila’s leg.

Purushottam tells them about Ila’s women empowerment project. He advises Kartik and Naira to join Ila. Manish and Akhilesh are also ready to help Ila. Purushotam wants someone brave, energetic and smart like Kartik. He asks Kartik to get busy in the project with Ila. Kartik doesn’t refuse to his request. Kartik doesn’t think he is the right choice to manage this responsibility. Purushottam asks him to be determined and confident, since he will always be there to guide him.

Kartik gets encouraged by them, and agrees to work on Ila’s project. Dadi tells Purushottam that they should discuss the Gangaur preparations. She wants the celebrations to be grand and joyful. Purushottam asks Kartik and Naira to celebrate well and wishes them. Gayu gets tensed when Rama expresses her annoyances regarding the people’s taunts on Gayu and Vivaan’s closeness. Gayu doesn’t want Rama to know about her pregnant. Kartik gets Naira’s good wishes for the new project. He wants to spend more time with her, since she has come home after a long time.

She tells him that she isn’t insecure, knowing he is always of her. She wants him to focus on work. She tells him that she wants him to progress in life, since she loves him a lot. Kartik gets impressed by her words. He tells her that she is the best wife, but she may find hard to handle his work pressures. She is sure to handle all the stress and give it back to him. Anmol wants Mansi to be happy with her family. She tells him that she isn’t comfortable with the guests. He tells her that they should stay for some days. She doesn’t want to stay back. Mansi dumps the gifts given by Purushottam. Naira wants to question Mansi about her anger on Purushottam.


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