Yeh Rishta Inconsolable Naira over sorrowful strike

Yeh Rishta Inconsolable Naira over sorrowful strike

Yeh Rishta Inconsolable Naira. Purushottam tries to trouble Naira. Mansi recollects her past, where Purushottam tried to molest her. She gets crying. She wants to save Naira from the same troubles. Kartik doesn’t understand Purushottam’s intentions and dances with him. He doesn’t want Naira to get upset. Mansi hides the past from Anmol. Anmol asks her the matter bothering her. Mansi prefers to stay silent. Purushottam tells Dadi that Naira is an amazing personality, he is much pleased to meet her. Naira doesn’t like to come in his sight. She wonders why did Purushottam touch her in a wrong way. She doesn’t want to think wrong. She gets confused. She reacts in anger and ends up hurting Kartik.

He asks her what happened to her. She apologizes to her. He asks her if anyone misbehaved with her. She doesn’t tell him about Purushottam. She wants him to be with her always. Kartik and Naira receive a call from Vivaan’s phone. Naira learns about Vivaan’s accident. She tells Kartik that about the deadly accident. She doesn’t know how will Gayu handle herself in pregnancy state. Naira shares the shocking news of Vivaan’s death. Raman can’t tolerate this shocking news and collapses.

Kartik and Naira rush her to the hospital. The family members hide the shocking thing from Gayu. Gayu waits for Vivaan. She looks for her phone. Naira feels Gayu has been wronged by her fate.

Goenkas try their best to help Rama. Rama is worried for Gayu’s future. She asks Naira to take her to Gayu, since they shouldn’t leave Gayu alone. Naira tells Raman that Gayu doesn’t know about Vivaan’s death. Rama doesn’t know how to tell this to Gayu. She feels Gayu has lost her happiness. Rama wants to know if Naira is hiding something about Gayu. Naira doesn’t tell her anything. Rama begs them to tell her what are they hiding. Kartik tells Rama about Gayu’s pregnancy. Rama can’t believe this. She cries for Gayu’s bad fate.

Kartik and Naira fear to break the bad news to Gayu. Rama is worried for Gayu’s coming child. She tells Naira that they have to convince Gayu to abort the child. Naira gets crying by recalling the past where she has lost her child. Kartik rushes after Naira to manage her. He consoles Naira. He tells her that fate isn’t in anyone’s control. She doesn’t want Gayu to have the same fate. She wants to protect Gayu from sorrow. Kartik tells her that they have to give courage to Gayu. He wants Naira to be strong to support Gayu. Naira promises to support Gayu and not let anything wrong happen in Gayu’s life. Naira wants Gayu to keep her child. Rama doesn’t want to compromise with Gayu’s life. She leaves the decision on Gayu.


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