Kulfi Kumar Amyra clash goes LIVE Sikandar to react

Kulfi Kumar Amyra clash goes LIVE Sikandar to react

Kulfi Kumar Amyra clash. Kulfi is happy to know that a noble person has motivates her friends. She wants to thank him, unaware that he is Sikandar. He also encourages Amyra and asks her to give her best to win. He wants her to be honest in her approach. The judge is against Mia. He blames her for manipulating the audience votes to make the Benaam group win. He doesn’t think that the kids have sung a good song. Mia tells him that she respects him and they better do their respective jobs. He feels bounded by the contract. He tells her that he will not let the kids win the second round. He tells Mia that the show is just to raise the TRPs instead supporting the real talent. He asks her not to let down the real talent.

Mia is sure of her decision, since she finds Kulfi and her group the real stars of her show. Mia addresses the contestants and asks them to better prepare for the tough competition. She tells them that only ten contestants will be chosen after the second round. She explains them the rules of knockout round. She gets an interesting way to find the competitors groups. Destiny brings Amyra and Kulfi together again. They get into the same group. Sikandar prays for his daughter. Mia tries to add the surprises in the show’s game programming.

Kulfi and Amyra get face to face for the knockout round. She is shocked to see Amyra as her competitor. Kulfi and Amyra sing the songs on the stage. Sikandar watches them on the stage, but fails to recognize Kulfi. The power goes in the same instant. He fails to hear Kulfi’s voice. Amyra finds Kulfi’s voice similar and identifies her. She thinks maybe she is just doubting. She doesn’t want any doubt to spoil her performance. Amyra performs as Sikandar trained her well. She gives a rocking performance like Kulfi. Sikandar and Lovely miss Amyra’s performance.

Amyra doesn’t see Kulfi’s face because of the mask, but Kulfi sees her. She doesn’t want to come between Amyra’s way of success. Mia wants both of them to compete again. She finds both the performances superb. Kulfi continues to sing and give a tough competition to Amyra. Kulfi is happy to see Amyra’s talents turning real. Kulfi likes Amyra’s performance and energy levels on the stage. Kulfi and Amyra get a round of applause.

Kulfi runs away from the stage, being afraid that her identity will be known and this will break Amyra’s heart again. She makes a sacrifice of her dreams and happiness once again for the sake of Amyra. She doesn’t want to return in Sikandar’s life. She recalls Sikandar’s bitter words and breaks down. Amyra is happy that the competitor has run away, getting afraid of her talents. The kids want to find Kulfi so that they win the competition. They don’t wish their new journey to end so soon. Amyra is sure that Kulfi won’t come back. Kulfi shocks Amyra by coming back for the competition. She also reveals her identity to Amyra. Their big clash goes LIVE on the stage, while Mia finds the story getting more spiced up. Sikandar rushes to Amyra to handle her. Mia wants to dig up more and find Kulfi’s connection with Sikandar. Will Mia play a role in uniting Sikandar and Kulfi? Keep reading.


  1. OH PLEASE!!!!!
    Every one knows that Amira cannot sing, so how in hell is she able to square off against Kulfi!!!
    SIkander does not deserve Kulfi…….

  2. This serial shows only stupidity negativity and unnecessary mourning of sikander foolishness of Mahindra and Dadi chachi has reduced the serial to nonsense stop this bullying serial except kulfis acting rest has failed to deliver


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