Yeh Rishta Wedding Bells for Samarth and Gayu

Yeh Rishta Wedding Bells for Samarth and Gayu

Yeh Rishta Wedding Bells. The family gets worried for Gayu. Kartik and Naira don’t want Gayu to suffer by losing her child. They come back home and inform them about Rama. They plan to tell the bad news to Gayu by being her strength, so that Gayu stays strong. Gayu gets a dream of Vivaan, who leaves her forever and promises his love. He wants her to be happy. Gayu senses him in trouble. Kartik and Naira cry seeing her tensions regarding Vivaan’s safety. Gayu tells them about her strange dream. Kartik and Naira break down and tell Gayu about Vivaan’s death. They ask Gayu to take care of herself and never lose courage, just like Vivaan told her in the dream.

Gayu can’t believe this shock. Naira knows the pain of losing a baby. She tells Kartik that they have to convince Rama and stop Gayu’s abortion. Kartik promises that they will always support Gayu. Purushottam asks them to have hope and be positive. He asks them to be strong and never give up in life. He asks them to stand together so that they get rid of all the problems. The family wants Kartik not to take more favors from Purushottam.

Manish asks Kartik not to let Ila work alone and just help her in the big project. Purushottam showcases his fake love for Kartik again. Dadi gets pleased seeing her Kartik so blessed.

Kartik tells Purushottam that he has heard many praising stories about him. He wants Purushottam to always be the same. Purushottam feels proud of Kartik. He asks Naira and Kartik to be with Gayu. Samarth wants to meet Gayu. He is concerned for Gayu. He learns about Gayu’s pregnancy. He talks to Goenka family about his wish regarding Gayu. He tells them that his only intention is to help Gayu and save her baby from abortion. Kartik and Naira try hard to stop Gayu’s abortion and not let Rama force Gayu for it. They ask Rama to think about Gayu’s life and happiness. They tell Rama what’s the pain of losing a baby.

Rama wants Gayu to have a good future. She doesn’t want Gayu to struggle with difficulties. She feels she shouldn’t keep the baby. Naira asks Rama to let Gayu decide for her baby and life. They don’t want Rama to give freedom of choice to Gayu. Rama makes them promise her that they will not let Gayu struggle more. They promise to always support Gayu. Singhanias are also worried for Gayu. Naksh wishes to do something that lessens her pain. Samarth convinces the Goenka family and gets them to Singhania house to talk about the new alliance. Kartik asks Samarth and Dadi how did they come suddenly. Dadi informs Singhanias what Samarth wants to tell them about Gayu.

Goenkas propose Samarth’s alliance for Gayu. Manish tells Rama that Samarth wants to marry Gayu. This shocks Singhania family as well. They didn’t expect Samarth to come with such a marriage proposal. Manish tells them that Samarth is a nice person and can get any life partner, but he wants to marry Gayu.

Samarth tells them that he likes Gayu and couldn’t tell his feelings to her, knowing that Vivaan is there in her life. He tells them that it may not be the right time for this proposal, but he didn’t wish things to get worse for Gayu. He promises to keep Gayu happy and also look after her baby. Dadi asks Rama to think well and decide. They know Gayu’s trauma over Vivaan’s death. Samarth tells them that he has got the marriage proposal, but he is ready to face the rejection.

Gayu also learns about his marriage proposal and is equally shocked like Rama. Gayu gets disturbed. She cries on Vivaan’s death. She is angered that Goenkas have got the proposal in such a sad time. She refuses to marry Samarth. Naira tells her that she will support her and not let anyone pressurize her. She asks Gayu to decide and say what she wants. Rama asks Gayu to please agree for the proposal. She compels Gayu to think of the ground realities and agree to Samarth’s proposal.

Naira doesn’t want Rama to manipulate Gayu’s emotions by scaring her. Rama tells Naira that Gayu can’t give birth to the child without a marriage. She asks Gayu to go for abortion if she refuses Samarth’s proposal. Samarth tells Kartik that he is aware of Gayu’s pregnancy since a long time. He doesn’t want to pity Gayu. He tells Gayu that he will be happy to welcome Gayu’s baby. He promises Gayu that he would try to be a good father for the baby. He asks Gayu to decide without any societal pressures. Kartik and Naira like Samarth’s decision. Gayu finally accepts Samarth’s marriage proposal, which brings happiness in the families.


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