Silsila Ruhaan tangles Mishti and Pari’s lives

Silsila Ruhaan tangles Mishti and Pari's lives

Silsila Ruhaan tangles Mishti and Pari’s fate unknowingly. Ruhaan and Mishti have a cute moment when she insists him to wish her on her birthday. She isn’t happy with his ignorance. Ruhaan tells her that he wanted to wish her, but stayed away because of her wish. Mishti gets delighted when he wishes her. She finds a new happiness, like something impossible has turned true. She accepts the rose from him. Ruhaan is happy that she didn’t react in a wrong way. Pari tells Mishti that she should go out with Veer. She asks Mishti to tell Veer how much she loves him. She also has feelings of love for Ruhaan. She tells Mishti that she wants to find her true love. Mishti wants to know whom does Pari like.

Pari hides about Ruhaan, since she has to first share her feelings with him. Veer wants to pick up Mishti and take her away for the day. He asks Ruhaan to make everything perfect, just the way Mishti likes. Veer tells Mishti that he wants to make her day special. Mishti doesn’t want to cheat Veer. She tells him that she doesn’t want to spend the entire day with him, since she has to be with family. She has much things to do. Pari tells Mishti that work can wait, since its her birthday. She doesn’t want to work as well. Pari and Ruhaan help the family in managing the arrangements. Mishti tells Veer that she has forgotten her phone at home. He asks her not to go back, and just use his phone.

He behaves weird to stop her form going back. He calls up Pari to stop them from concealing the surprise arrangements. Radhika finds Mishti back and tells the family. Everyone rushes to hide the surprise elements. Ruhaan and Pari come close during this moment. Pari realizes her love for Ruhaan and thinks to admit to him soon. Pari feels such a thing for the first time. Radhika asks Mishti to take her phone and go. She doesn’t want her to make Veer wait for long. Pari thinks Ruhaan is the best match for her. Veer and Mishti spend the entire day. He gets her home for the surprise. She asks why aren’t they going to the hotel for dinner.

He tells her that they will be spending the evening at home. She misses her family in the celebrations. He is happy that she is very family-oriented. He tells her that she won’t regret it any way. He takes her home, while the family makes everything perfect for their entry. Veer takes Mishti to stun her with the surprise. Mishti gets overjoyed to celebrate her birthday with her family.


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