Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists with Kulfi’s return

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists with Kulfi's return

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists. Kulfi and Amyra get shortlisted for the second round. Kulfi reaches Sikandar again, but with a mask on her face. Sikandar doesn’t identify Kulfi. Amyra has seen her face when she removes her mask on the stage. Amyra knows her truth and is insecure once again. She feels she will lose Sikandar’s love and attention if Kulfi comes to them. Amyra gets selected as one of the top contestants. Sikandar and Lovely get happily pleased with Amyra’s sincere efforts and hardwork to win the competition. Sikandar wants his daughter to win by honesty. He asks Amyra to believe in herself and not cheat ever to win, since such win won’t matter.

Amyra’s happiness gets low because of Kulfi. She wants to try and win the classical singing round as well. She asks Sikandar to help her. She knows Kulfi is an all rounded and can easily win. The man tells them that the top contestants will be living in Gurukul, and get trained by special singers. Kulfi sees Sikandar with Amyra. She controls her feelings and stays away from him. Amyra knows Kulfi’s presence and worries that she will come back to them. Sikandar teaches singing to Amyra. He wishes her dreams to get fulfilled. Amyra hides the truth from him once again. Amyra doesn’t tell him that Kulfi is also participating in the same competition.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky takes a new entry in Happy’s life as Shaan Randhawa. He throws a lot of attitude. Shaan’s swag is unmatchable. He has taken the new identity just to get back in his family’s life and take over Chintu’s dream hotel. He invests in his brother’s dream project. He snatches away all the rights from Grover and Happy. Rocky has suffered a lot and wanted to reform. At the end, he didn’t achieve anything than deceive and hatred. Rocky turns smart and confident, to take his revenge on his enemies. He will tackle RV and Bhatia, and prove his innocence to family.

Ronak doubts on Kajal. He thinks Kajal is just acting handicapped and mentally unstable to take revenge on Muskaan. He doesn’t want any life threat on Muskaan because of Kajal. He plans to expose Kajal’s truth. He plans a romantic date with Muskaan to anger Kajal to the limit that she exposes her truth by her own self. Ronak and Muskaan perform together and look happy. This turns Kajal jealous. She takes a big step to kill Muskaan. Ronak is sure that Kajal can’t harm Muskaan when he is with his love. Kajal wants to snatch Muskaan’s life. She goes to stab Muskaan, but Ronak catches Kajal in the act. Kajal gets exposed while committing the crime.


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