Yeh Rishta Krishna Chali London Upcoming twists

Yeh Rishta Krishna Chali London Upcoming twists

Yeh Rishta Krishna Chali London: Purushottam tries to misbehave with Naira. Naira raises a protest against him. Purushottam is sure that Naira will conceal the truth from the family and get ashamed to tell them anything. Purushottam finds ways to mistreat her. Naira asks Purushottam to leave her hand. Purushottam sees Kartik at the door. Kartik finds them in odd moment and is shocked. Purushottam lies to Kartik. He makes excuses in front of Kartik. Kartik doesn’t understand Naira’s feelings. He thinks Purushottam is really concerned for Naira and him. Purushottam tells Kartik that an insect has bitten Naira’s hand and its bleeding. He shouts that she is a careless girl, she should get the first aid. He asks Kartik to take Naira to a doctor.

Kartik thanks him for caring for Naira. Purushottam’s evil will soon get exposed. Naira will raise a voice against the evil and put an end to the cropping issues. Naira doesn’t want anyone to encourage such criminals. Naira isn’t scared of anyone, and is sure that Kartik will understand her when she expresses the complete truth. On the other hand, Samarth and Gayu’s Shagun rasam takes place. Dadi gets the Shagun chunri. Gayu has agreed for the marriage, just because of raising her child well. Naira knows Gayu isn’t happy and is compromising with her life. She assures Gayu that she will always be with her.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna gets emotional when she meets Shuklain. Lali makes their meeting possible. Lali calls Krishna at the temple. Krishna gets surprised on seeing her ex mum-in-law. Shuklain alerts Krishna about Shukla’s evil plans against Veer. She gives a wedding gift to Krishna and blesses her. She wants Krishna to be happy with Veer. She gives her good advices to handle her in-laws. Krishna gets to recall their old bonding and cries. She is happy that Shuklain is on her side again. Shuklain hugs Krishna. She asks her not to fight with Sunaina and answer her anything wrong, like she always did with her. She asks Krishna to come to her and fight whenever she wants. Shukla is trying to pose the problems for Krishna and Veer once again. Krishna and Veer will together fight all odds set by Shukla.


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