Kulfi Kumar Tevar truth revelation to happen next

Kulfi Kumar Tevar truth revelation to happen next

Kulfi Kumar Tevar truth revelation. Kulfi is in tears once again, witnessing Sikandar and Amyra’s love. She wanted her father to be with her at the time when she needed him the most. She accepts the harsh reality that Sikandar has abandoned her, and now she won’t get any place in his life. Sikandar and Lovely think Kulfi is living with Mohendar. Sikandar feels proud that Amyra has worked hard and won her place in top 10. Amyra knows that even Kulfi has made Sikandar proud, but she doesn’t tell him anything. Sikandar blesses Amyra to win the competition. Kulfi cries seeing them and sheds tears, hiding her face behind the mask. She is helpless to hide her identify. She gets much emotional. She feels the pain of separation from her father.

Amyra is worried that Kulfi will snatch her father once again. Mohendar and family knows about Tevar and Amyra’s relation. Mohendar gets angered knowing Lovely had lied to the entire family and sent Kulfi to the remand home. He wants Lovely to accept her mistakes and also tell Amyra that she isn’t Sikandar’s daughter. The family is ashamed of Lovely’s numerous lies.

Amyra doesn’t know that Tevar is her biological father. Sikandar doesn’t want to let Amyra know this big truth in her final days, so that she doesn’t get heartbroken. He feels Amyra won’t be able to accept the truth. Amyra loves Sikandar a lot and is so insecure that she can’t share him with his own daughter Kulfi. She tries to lie to him and keeps him away from Kulfi. She is happy that Sikandar is devoting all his time to her. Kulfi is all alone without her parents. She gets help from Lord to achieve success in love. Kulfi wants Sikandar to accept her as his daughter selflessly. She has no idea about Amyra’s truth, that Amyra is diagnosed with critical terminating state and that’s why Sikandar chose Amyra over her. How will all the truths surface and affect lives? Keep reading.


  1. Amyra Ko Tevar ki sachai malum honi hi chahiye ki Sikandar uska baap nhi hai, Tevar hai,uski Besharam laalchi maa ne ye badi baat usse se chupai hai

  2. it’s getting bored to see that every time lovely wins over Kulfi.
    serial is loosing it’s charm, want to see sikander and kulfi back and lovely to be punished,God she has cheated beyond imagination how can a mother be so selfish.


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