Star Plus Upcoming Unexpected twists in hit shows

Star Plus Upcoming Unexpected twists in hit shows

Star Plus Upcoming Unexpected twists Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Purushottam shows his true colors to Naira by expressing that he wants her. Naira can’t believe shameless Purushottam and his intentions. Purushottam misbehaves with Naira. She wants Dadi to support her, against her cheap brother. Dadi doesn’t support Naira, being afraid of the society, while Kartik takes a stand for her. On the other hand, Dadi learns about Gayu’s pregnancy and wants her abortion done. Samarth doesn’t agree with Dadi and tells Gayu that they will leave the house if Dadi doesn’t listen. Dadi blames Kartik and Naira. Kartik tells Dadi that engagement won’t happen against her will. Dadi tells Kartik that Naira always thinks of her own family.

Kartik defends Naira and tells how much Naira values Goenka family, she wanted to tell them about Gayu’s pregnancy. Dadi scolds Naira and her family, who always cheat them. She reminds how much she has changed for them. She asks Kartik to learn from Naira, how to support own family. She asks Naira to think which responsibility she will keep, she can either be a daughter or bahu. Kartik asks Dadi not to put Naira in trouble, Naira has always kept her duties towards both the families.

Naira cries recalling the loss of her baby. She doesn’t want Dadi to be stone hearted. She asks Dadi to keep humanity. She doesn’t want Dadi to snatch Gayu’s happiness. Kartik tells Dadi that Samarth is ready to accept Gayu with her child. Naira asks Dadi how can she kill the unborn baby, does she know realize the pain of losing Kartik’s coming child. She tells Dadi that baby isn’t at any fault and shouldn’t be punished. Dadi realizes her mistake and cries. She praises Naira for being an ideal woman. She apologizes to Samarth and Gayu. The family accepts Gayu’s pregnancy and looks ahead for Samarth and Gayu’s marriage. Dadi asks the family not to delay more and get ready, so that they can reach Singhania house for the engagement. Samarth and Gayu get engaged with the families’ blessings.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna learns about Veer’s fears when he wakes up at night after recalling Radhe’s accident. He has no idea that the dying person was Radhe. Sunaina conceals the matter so that Krishna never knows about Veer committing an accident. She lies to Krishna about a patient dying in the operation theatre. Krishna gets convinced by Sunaina’s lie. Veer wants to tell the entire truth of his past to Krishna.

Shukla already lays the new trap for Krishna and awaits the good news. He stays assured that Krishna will become a problem for Veer soon. On the other hand, Shuklain suspects her husband, that he is planning to ruin Krishna. She meets Krishna and warns her against Shukla’s criminal mind. She asks Krishna to alert Veer as well, since Shukla’s next step can be anything. She gifts Krishna for her wedding with Veer and also blesses. This becomes an emotional moment for Krishna. Krishna returns home and shares her feelings with Sunaina. She tells Sunaina about Radhe’s deadly accident in London, for which she isn’t responsible.

She tells that maybe Shukla still finds her responsible for Radhe’s death and is taking revenge. Sunaina surprises her with the honeymoon trip. On knowing about Radhe’s accident happening at the same location, Sunaina realizes that Radhe died by Veer’s mistake. She regrets this truth a lot. She decides to not let Veer and Krishna learn this truth, since it may just end their marriage.


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