Yeh Rishta Suhasini Dadi makes a shocking declaration

Yeh Rishta Suhasini Dadi makes a shocking declaration

Yeh Rishta Suhasini Dadi awaits Gayu’s decision. The families wonder if Gayu will agree to marry Samarth. Everyone is anxious to know what will Gayu decide. They don’t want to hurry for the marriage, but also feel delay will be bad. Kartik breaks the good news that Gayu has decided to marry. Naira is grateful to Samarth. She asks Gayu not to take any decision by getting under pressure. Gayu takes the decision for her baby. Everyone congratulates Samarth and Gayu. The families have a new alliance between them. They are happy to get a new ray of happiness and hope in the sorrow. Dadi doesn’t know how Gayu has agreed to marry Samarth so soon, when she is not done crying for Vivaan. Naira finds Dadi doubting Gayu. Dadi doesn’t know the reason by which Gayu is compelled to accept the alliance.

Naira tells Kartik that Dadi is already doubting on Gayu, and its better that they tell this to Dadi. Kartik doesn’t feel the need to tell them. Naira asks Kartik to tell Dadi, since she is also family. Rama doesn’t want to listen to them. They ask Naira not to spoil things for Gayu further. Naira doesn’t to cheat anyone. She fears that Gayu will bear the insult when the truth comes out later in a bad way. She asks Rama not to fear for Gayu’s fate. Kartik agrees with Naira, but Rama doesn’t agree. Dadi asks them if they are hiding something. Rama lies to Dadi and tells her that she wants the marriage to happen soon.

Dadi gets confused with Rama’s decision. She wonders why are things happening so fast. Goenkas return home and discuss about Gayu and Samarth’s marriage happening in few days. Kartik tells them that they should keep a simple marriage. Dadi wants to have a lavish wedding for Samarth. She asks them if they are really hiding some issue from her that they are hurrying so much. Rama wants the pandit to get an early date for marriage. She tells Devyaani that the marriage won’t be a grand affair. Devyaani wants Gayu to be happy. She asks Rama not to force Gayu. Everyone wishes that Gayu doesn’t feel forced to marry Samarth.

Naira is also confused that Gayu took this decision for the sake of the baby, and maybe Gayu is unwilling. Kartik tells Naira that Gayu is fine with the marriage. He assures that he will talk to Dadi and explain her. Dadi wants to find the matter. She doubts that Samarth, Kartik and Naira are hiding something big. Naira is depressed. She wishes Gayu finds happiness in Samarth’s company. Kartik asks Naira not to stay upset. They make an outing plan. Purushottam plans to take Naira with him for an outing with kids. Kartik gets busy with the work calls. Kartik asks Naira to go ahead and spend time with kids.

Naira tells Purushottam that they can’t take the kids for having icecream, since they aren’t well. She wants to tell Kartik about her discomfort. Purushottam saves Kartik from getting hurt and gets a wound. He expresses his love for Kartik. Kartik gets touched by his speech. Naira gets tricked by Purushottam’s drama again. The Goenkas meet Singhanias again for the pre-marriage functions. Dadi wants to make sure that everything is fine. Rama doesn’t want Gayu to cry and make everyone doubt.

Naira asks Gayu to call off the marriage if she is so upset. Gayu tells Naira that she is ready for the marriage. Surekha tries to spy on Gayu to know what’s the truth hidden from family. Dadi learns that Surekha couldn’t find anything. Surekha tells Dadi that Naira and Gayu were shocked seeing her, the matter is something tense. Dadi declares that the marriage will be a grand affair, and she doesn’t care for anyone’s opposition. Naira gets worried since Gayu is pregnant. This comes as a shocker for Rama and Samarth, who are hiding the big truth of Gayu’s pregnancy from the family.


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