Ishq Mein Marjawa Udaan Ghatbandhan high twists

Ishq Mein Marjawa Udaan Ghatbandhan high twists

Ishq Mein Marjawa Udaan Ghatbandhan: Raghu argues with Dhanak over her acceptance of Maai’s conditions. Dhanak wants to shock Maai. Maai shocks her instead and keeps a condition. She asks Dhanak to murder someone to prove herself that she will become the don. Maai wants Dhanak to commit a crime so that she ends IPS dreams from Dhanak completely. Dhanak tells Maai that she accepts the challenge and she will really murder the goon. Dhanak wants to end the evil from the roots and fail Maai in her own plans. Raghu doesn’t understand Dhanak’s thinking and plans.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep saves Aarohi again. She gets an electric shock and loses her breath. Deep doesn’t want Aarohi to die. He tells her that he can’t live without her. Aarohi asks Deep to never leave her. Tara and Nethra witness their romance. Tara tells Aarohi that she wants to help her too. Aarohi doesn’t know if she should believe Tara. Tara is much hurt that Deep is falling for Aarohi again. Deep and Aarohi love each other, and were at loggerheads for a long time. She asks Deep why did he save her, when he doesn’t love her.

Deep confesses his love to her in a unique way. Deep tells Aarohi that he has done everything to save her life. They get emotional. Tara wants to make them believe that she has changed and turned positive.

Udaan: Anjor has lied to Bhanu that she is Sameer’s wife. Bhanu knows she is lying and asks her to keep Teej fast for her husband. Anjor keeps her fast to keep her lie. Sameer finds her falling weak and takes care of her. She refuses to drink water and tells Sameer that she has kept a fast for her. Chanda asks them to come for Teej puja. She gets traditional clothes for Anjor. Anjor tries to follow the customs well so that no one doubts on them. Sameer sees Anjor keeping their fake relation and spoiling her health. Sameer tells Anjor that very soon he will expose Bhanu’s evil and then they can safely leave from Aazaadgunj. Bhanu gets alert when he gets Chakor’s note, meant for Anjor. He realizes someone is trying to protect Sameer and Anjor.


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