Weekend Spoilers Upcoming Hits and Twists

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Weekend Spoilers Upcoming Hits: Veer tells Sunaina that he has killed Radhe by his car and now he has to accept this crime in front of the police in order to save Krishna. Sunaina doesn’t want Veer to ruin his future. She fails to convince Veer when he gets mad to save Krishna. Sunaina gets selfish and goes against Krishna. Sunaina joins hands with Shukla so that she saves Veer from the arrest. She asks Shukla to help her in getting Krishna punished in the court. Shukla doesn’t know what is Sunaina’s profits in this, but is happy that Krishna will get rotten in jail. He agrees to help her.

They together plan Veer’s kidnapping to stop him from reaching the police station. Sunaina doesn’t want Krishna to learn the truth ever that Veer had committed Radhe’s accident. She is sure that even Shukla won’t spare Veer. She wants to protect her son’s future. Veer tries to rush out of the captivity and reach the court to save Krishna by giving the true statement. Veer is ready to choose punishment in order to save Krishna’s future.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Ketki’s Sangeet gets a twist. Police gets evidences against Mishti and Kuhu. Inspector shows the pictures of Mishti. Abir realizes that he had clicked those pictures of Mishti in Kutch. He doesn’t want Mishti to fall in problem. He gets worried that Meenakshi was ruining the lives of Mishti and Kuhu, by staining the future by a police case. He scolds Meenakshi a lot. He asks Meenakshi to let Vishwamber handle the case from here on. He tries to help Mishti and tells her that he will not let any problem reach her. Mishti connects with Abir as a friend. Meenakshi tries to break Mishti and Kunal’s alliance.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira asks Purushottam if he thinks he is so smart and everyone else is fool. She wants to teach a lesson to him. She tells Purushottam that she will tell Kartik that he is a disgusting man. She asks Ila to open her eyes and see her dad’s truth. She tells Ila that she will be the one who will be most affected by his truth. She asks Purushottam to think of his daughter’s shattering when his truth comes out. She asks him if he doesn’t care for Ila’s emotions. She tells him that she will expose his true face to Kartik and Goenkas. Purushottam gets worried and tries to make his image good before Naira talks to the family. He wants to prove Naira wrong.


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