Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita returns in shocking avatar

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita returns in shocking avatar
Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita returns and brings a big twist in the Bhalla family. Raman tries to end the strike in his factory and makes a plan to win back his workers by feeding them food. Sahil makes a plan to poison the food and kill the workers to get Raman arrested. On the other hand, Sahil works on his other plan. He makes Seema leave the bag in the market area. Seema executes the bomb blast and creates a havoc in the market area. Sahil has got enough evidences to get Ruhi caught up in the crime. He wants Ruhi to get blamed for the blast. Ruhi has no idea that Seema is teamed up with Sahil. The family learns about the blast and feels bad for the people who lost lives in the blast.

Raman learns that Ishita is coming back soon. He plans to personally go and receive her at the airport. Karan gets worried for Ruhi and wants to check on her once. Rohan reminds Karan about the revenge he has to exact on Bhallas by using Ruhi. He doesn’t forget how Aaliya has ditched him. He asks Karan to cheat Ruhi as Aaliya cheated him. He wants to see Bhallas crying. Karan can’t explain Rohan that they were the ones who did wrong with Bhallas first. He doesn’t want to trouble Ruhi more. He is concerned for Ruhi and wants to help Ruhi and Bhallas. He lies to Rohan that he is working on his revenge plan.

He tells Rohan that he is faking support to Bhallas. He tries to calm down Rohan’s anger. Rohan is happy that Karan is cheating Bhallas, but Karan isn’t evil now. Simmi and Ruhi try to help Raman in ending the workers’ strike. Raman and Sharma get into a heated argument. Raman doesn’t want to apologize to Sharma. Sahil sends his aide to add the poison in the food. Raman refuses to apologize to Sharma. Karan catches the man who was adding the poison in the food. He reveals Sharma’s truth to the workers. Raman thanks Karan for the timely help. They prove Sharma’s crime and win back the workers’ trust.

The workers bash up Sharma in anger. Sahil loses in one of his plans and still feels at peace that his other plan is doing well. Raman manages to end the strike and is happy. He tells the family that Karan has been his savior today. Ruhi learns about the shocking blast and worries for Seema’s life. She tells Raman that she met her friend Seema today and wants to know her welfare. Ruhi doesn’t know that it was Seema’s plan to drop the bag containing the bomb in the market and leave. She feels that Seema and Abir met in the market and got injured in the blast incident. Ruhi feels terrible with the negative thoughts. On seeing her getting restless for her friend, Shagun and Mani offer her help. They tell Ruhi that they can go to check about Seema at her house.

Ishita turns up home early than expected and appears weird to them. She doesn’t meet her children and goes to her room for resting. Raman wonders what mistake did he do that she sounds so upset and aloof. Ishita’s behavior makes everyone worry. Raman wonders why is Ishita behaving so strange. Shagun tells Ruhi that she will help her in finding about Seema. Raman asks Shagun to look after Ruhi, who is emotionally down. Ruhi wished to get Ishita’s support in the needful time.

Ishita locks the door and troubles the family, who get deeply worried for her safety. She misbehaves with everyone, making Raman apologize on her behalf. Raman finds Ishita behaving rude to everyone and doesn’t know the reason. He isn’t aware of Ishita’s identity. The lady living with Bhallas is actually Sahil’s wife Shaina, who resembles Ishita exactly. She takes Ishita’s place in Bhalla family to help Sahil settle scores with them. Simmi learns Shaina’s truth and falls in grave danger. Will Bhallas learn Shaina’s truth and find out Ishita’s whereabouts in time? Keep reading.



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