Silsila Mauli loyalty trait to influence Mishti’s decision

Silsila Mauli loyalty trait to influence Mishti's decision

Silsila Mauli loyalty trait makes an big impact on Mishti’s life, behavior, future and decisions. Pari and Radhika head to the temple, while Mishti does some work in the kitchen. Mishti falls down and gets a sprain in her foot. Ruhaan worries to see Mishti hurt and helps her. He takes her to her room and tells her that her sprain will go away if treated on time. Mishti feels the pain. Ruhaan takes care of her. Mishti feels happy to have him. Ruhaan can’t see her in pain. He wishes to make her away from all the problems. He makes her rid of the sprain by twisting her foot. Mishti realizes that her foot got fine. She thanks Ruhaan for all the help. Mishti and Ruhaan have a moment.

Mishti likes to be in his company. She doesn’t know why her heart is longing for Ruhaan. She knows her commitment towards Veer. She wants someone who understands her pain without her expressing. Ruhaan is happy that Mishti isn’t misunderstanding him now. Ansh meets Taani, while she has plans to attend a pool party with her friends. Ansh wants to spend time with Taani. Ansh gets upset when she leaves in haste. Mishti gets occupied with Ruhaan’s thoughts. Sukamini surprises her.

She wants Mishti to not have any dilemma. Ruhaan finds Ansh upset and knows that its a girl’s matter. He gives him tips and asks him not to run after the girl. He advises her to impress the girl and befriend her, since every relation starts with friendship. Ansh wants Ruhaan to give him more tips to impress a girl. Ruhaan asks him to be true towards the girl and then develop the relation. Ansh agrees to him. Sukamini asks Mishti is she loves Veer, did she get clear mind now. Mishti tells her that she loves Veer and she wants to marry him, she is committed to him and wants to fulfill it, being Mauli’s daughter.

Mishti tells Sukamini that loyalty is more important to her than love. Sukamini is happy that Mishti is no more confused. She asks Mishti to think as an individual, and forget her parents’ past. She doesn’t want Mishti to take any wrong decision, just because of the past where Mishti has seen a failed marriage. Mishti is affected by Kunal and Mauli’s past and the truth remains the same. Mishti avoids her feelings for Ruhaan, only to prove her loyalty towards Veer.


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