Silsila Upcoming twist directs a love triangle

Silsila Upcoming twist directs a love triangle

Silsila Upcoming twist. Arnav tells Radhika that he went for an interview. He wants to become responsible and independent so that he can win Pari’s heart. He wants to be an ideal man for Pari, so that she can love him. He wishes to marry Pari. He tells Radhika that he didn’t get selected. He is still facing problems. Radhika encourages him to keep trying and trust himself, he will surely succeed. He asks for Pari. He learns that Pari has gone for her important meeting. Arnav thinks Ruhaan has impressed Pari by his camera and photography. He learns that Ruhaan has selected Pari as his model. He hides the camera in Mishti’s cupboard. He gets angry on Ruhaan. He doesn’t want Ruhaan and Pari to get closer.

Ruhaan finds his camera missing. He looks for his camera. Mishti gets Ruhaan’s camera and checks the pictures. Mishti sees her pictures. Ruhaan comes to her and witnesses that she is checking her pictures. He tells her that he has clicked the pictures when he didn’t know that she is Veer’s fiancee. She asks him to delete the pictures now, when he knows the truth. He refuses to delete the pictures.

He tells her that he can never delete the pictures which are close to his heart and are memories for him. Ruhaan doesn’t think he has done any mistake by clicking her pictures. He expresses his emotions for Mishti. He thinks he can never tell Mishti that he loves her. Radhika helps Arnav and wants him to succeed in life. Sukamini is sure that Veer will give him a job in his company. Arnav stays confident that he will win Pari. Ruhaan tries to explain himself that he can never get Mishti in his life. He wants to accept the truth that he can never marry Mishti.

He doesn’t want to cheat Veer. He knows that he wants Mishti so badly that he isn’t able to think of anything else. He wants to stop his heart from getting more longing for Mishti. He wants to control his feelings for Mishti. Mishti also starts longing for Ruhaan. She recalls his words and turns emotional. She gets lost in his thoughts. She wants to spend time with him. Mishti starts feeling for Ruhaan and gets alert when Ruhaan confronts her.


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