SHOCKING Vedika and Sahil to die in Aapke Aa Jane Se

SHOCKING Vedika and Sahil to die

SHOCKING Vedika and Sahil to die. Arya finally learns Shitij/Ghungroo’s truth. He admits that he has killed Guddu and ruined her life to separate her from her parents. He asks her to listen to him once. Arya wants to get free from him. Vedika reaches there and bashes up Shitij. She tells him that he will not let him get close to Arya. He tells Arya that he is in love with her. He wants her to accept his love. Arya hugs Vedika and repents for her actions. She realizes that Vedika and Sahil were right, and Shitij was wrong. She cries and apologizes to Vedika. Shitij attacks Vedika. Sahil stops Shitij. He protects Vedika. He calls the police to get Shitij arrested. Shitij tells them that he will soon return to take revenge on them.

Shitij escapes from the prison. He reaches Vedika and Sahil to kill them. Sahil beats Shitij. Shitij shoots down Vedika and Sahil, and also throws them down the cliff to end their story forever.

Sahil and Vedika hold hands when they get close to die. The true lovers will be seen dying. Their love story comes to an end. Shitij takes his revenge on them. Arya sees her parents dying. She gets Shitij arrested once again. She tells Shitij that she hates him for his madness, she will never love him. She sheds tears on the death of Sahil and Vedika.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:

Guddan and Akshat reach the goons’ hideout and fight them to save Angad. Guddan calls the police there. Guddan gets the goons arrested. Angad gets indebted to Akshat and Guddan for saving his life. Guddan has managed to save Angad by her smartness. She gets close to Akshat’s heart by becoming the best life partner for him. Angad feels sorry that he came in Rocky’s words and got against the family. Akshat forgives Angad. Guddan’s plan reforms Angad. Durga will plot against Guddan again. Durga has saved her name by getting Rocky caught up.


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