Kulfi Kumar Kasautii Zindagii Upcoming high twists

Kulfi Kumar Kasautii Zindagii Upcoming high twists

Kulfi Kumar Kasautii Zindagii Upcoming Sikandar uses his contacts and involves a minister in the tough matter of getting Kulfi released. Mia wonders why is the minister taking interest in Kulfi’s case. She then realizes that maybe Sikandar has done all this to help his daughter. She wants to know more about Kulfi’s mother, so that she can give a third angle in the dramatic story of siblings rivalry. She wants to project Amyra’s hatred for Kulfi. She asks her staff to keep an eye on Amyra, who will do anything she can to harm Kulfi.

Sikandar is relieved that Kulfi isn’t away from him. He wants to face all the problems before her, but his vow doesn’t stay for long. He fails to save her from an electric shock on the stage. He wants her to sing and not lose her courage. Sikandar faces a big let down knowing his daughter has lost her golden voice. Sikandar gears up for life’s another big test. Like he was ready to do anything to save Amyra’s life, he gets ready to do anything to save Kulfi’s voice, which means everything for her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Komolika brainwashes Prerna and exposes Anurag in her eyes. She creates a strong misunderstanding between Prerna and Anurag. She wants Prerna to hate Anurag, so that her heart really breaks. She tells Prerna that Anurag has married her for a business deal. She shows the video which she had recorded deliberately when Anurag accepted her business deal. Prerna feels that Anurag valued money and power more than her true love.

Komolika tells Prerna that Anurag has sold her pure love for the sake of money, success and fame. Prerna gets hating Anurag even more. She wants to take revenge on Anurag and gets to meet his old enemy, who promises to make Anurag’s life hell. Prerna will be meeting an influential businessman, who would be wanting to ruin Basu publications. Prerna joins hands with him to fail Anurag and Komolika’s collaboration.


  1. Enough of Amyras tantrums. When you are going to do away with her or at least make her understand that she is not. Sikanders daughter but Kulfi is.

  2. Too much of sobbing .Now we got used to her crying.senseless story.writers please change the track.I stopped watching now my little one asks where is the crying girl gone.it doesn’t touch your heart either.


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