Weekend Spoilers Star Colors Upcoming hits

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Star Colors Upcoming hits Muskaan: Ronak plans a special surprise for Gayatri, so that she accepts Muskaan forever. He finds Gayatri very upset and wants to know what’s bothering her. Sir ji returns home and surprises Gayatri. He finds her worried like she is hiding a big storm within her heart. Gayatri fakes her annoyance towards Muskaan. She is being tortured by Kajal. She can’t be happy because of evil Kajal. Ronak isn’t aware of Gayatri’s problems. He will be saving Gayatri when he learns of Kajal’s blackmailing. Gayatri shocks Ronak and Sir ji, by asking Muskaan to end her life by shooting herself. Sir ji knows Gayatri can’t harm anyone. He wants to know why did Gayatri keep such a shocking condition in front of Muskaan. He also suspects that something is really wrong.

Roop kidnaps Ishika and gets her to an isolated place so that he can tell her the complete truth. He breaks down in front of Ishika. He confesses his love to her once again. He tells her that he didn’t wish to hurt her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to listen. He tells her that he has done everything to save Shamsher’s life. She gets a shock. She explains him that he has adapted a wrong solution to help his dad, whose thinking is wrong.

She asks him to cure Shamsher’s thinking problem than changing himself into a wrong person. She tells him that she will help him in winning Shamsher. Shamsher sells the house to someone. He asks the men to throw his family out. Roop gets worried and helpless to support Shamsher in his madness. The family gets ousted from the house. Roop assures Ishika that he will fix everything.

Chakor and Anjor get caught up by Bhanu once again. Bhanu tortures Chakor and tells her that Anjor and Sameer won’t be able to save her. He keeps them captive in his palace. Anjor tries to give a solid answer to him. He tells them that its not easy to run away from his clutches. He says I m born to rule, I always had my eyes on Aazaadgunj. Anjor points the gun at him. She tells him that she is born in Aazaadgunj and she loves her birthplace. He asks her to shoot him if she has guts. Anjor tells Bhanu that her family didn’t do anything wrong with the villagers, Suraj was innocent. Chakor worries seeing their argument.

She tells Bhanu that she has courage to die happily, but she regrets that the villagers aren’t able to know her. She pleads to villagers to understand her once and see Bhanu’s truth. Anjor tries smart to make Bhanu admit the truth himself. She provokes him to accept his crimes.

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Alankar is the new villain in Shivika and Omkar’s love story. Triloki makes Omkar and his family against Shivika by creating troubles in the family. Shivika tries to meet Omkar and sort their differences. Alankar takes lift and then tells her that he is feeling much unwell. She gets late to meet Omkar. He insists her to stay with him until he recovers. He plays unfair to break her love story. He makes hidden plans to ruin their relation. He wants to marry Shivika. He acts innocent in front of Shivika. He tries to create misunderstandings between them.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Happy doesn’t quit from the hotel. She resumes her job to manage the responsibility in the hotel. She proves that she is the best in her work. Manager scolds Chintu for spoiling the sofa by dropping the food. Rocky gets angry watching this. Happy defends Chintu and takes his side. He explains the staff that no hotel rules should be given more importance than children’s happiness. She scolds the manager. She feeds the jalebi to Chintu with love. Rocky gets happy seeing her old side. Happy makes Chintu cheered up again. Rocky thanks Happy for taking care of Chintu.


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