Kullfi Kumaar Bajewala Coming Unexpected enemy strikes

Kullfi Kumaar Bajewala Coming up Unexpected enemy strikes

Kullfi Kumaar Bajewala Coming Up twists. Mia observes Sikandar’s reactions and understands that he has called for help for Kulfi. She wants him to admit that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar meets Mia for a talk. She offers him help regarding Kulfi and her friends. She tells him that Kulfi and her friends belong to remand home. He tells her that Kulfi isn’t a criminal. She asks him how did minister send help for Kulfi. He gets lying to her. She tells him that she knows everything about Kulfi and him, and holds the evidence too. She doesn’t want him to lie more. Mia asks him directly about his relation with Kulfi. Sikandar doesn’t want her to do this to raise the TRP of the show. He finds her show the same one. He asks her not to mix his life in her show.

He doesn’t want her to use his life for the sake of TRP. He suggests her not to spoil the show. Mia wants to bring out the reality of his life on the show. She gets determined to make him accept that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar goes to meet Kulfi and finds her very sad. He wants to help them and end their sorrow. Mia gives another chance to Kulfi and her friends, only because of a motive. She takes back Kulfi in the competition. She asks everyone to forget Kulfi’s background and take the journey ahead. She wants all the kids to practice with their music teachers.

Sikandar can’t tolerate to see Kulfi so upset. He wants to make Kulfi smile again. He finds a way to cheer up his daughter. Mia asks Mahesh not to create a scene and teach Kulfi’s group. She asks him to think of his profits and not get his ego in between. Sikandar encourages Kulfi in his own way, and reminds their strong bond to her. Kulfi gets inspired by him. He asks her not to get disheartened by anything. Kulfi eats the icecream sent by Sikandar, and gets happy. Amyra finds Sikandar showering love on Kulfi and making her smile again. She doesn’t want this to happen again. Mia makes a plan to put Kulfi in trouble so that Sikandar accepts Kulfi as his daughter on the stage.

She makes special preparations to electrocute Kulfi to an extent that she stays fine, but Sikandar slips in fear. She wants to give it back to Sikandar, and thinks he had insulted her. Meanwhile, Sikandar is grateful to Lovely for helping Kulfi. Lovely breaks down and repents for her mistakes. She asks him not to be good towards her, since she is feeling much guilty. He asks her to convince Kulfi about her reformation.

He tells her that she is responsible for separating him from his daughter. He tells her that its not going to be easy for them to handle Amyra. He diverts Amyra and makes her practice. Amyra wants to know if Kulfi is coming in between the family again. She witnesses an argument between Sikandar and Lovely. When she questions them, they lie and appear happy. Mahesh returns to Kulfi’s group. He asks them to show their passion for the music.

Sikandar explains Amyra about the new round. Amyra understands and wants to keep her memories with Sikandar. Amyra asks him about any special song. Sikandar wants Amyra to sing her favorite song. Amyra gets excited to sing the chosen song and thanks Sikandar for remembering her choice. Kulfi tells Mahesh about her dad’s favorite song. Mia wants Sikandar to admit his relation with Kulfi.


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