Yeh Rishtaa Shocking Strange outcome of Kaira’s plan

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Yeh Rishtaa Shocking Strange Kartik and Naira tried to expose Purushottam, but he changes the game completely. He wins the sympathy from Ila and family. Naira’s plan backfires and she gets upset. Kartik tells her that they will make a new plan again and she needs not get upset. Purushottam gets praised by everyone. Everyone dances in the party. Samarth and Gayu deliver a romantic performance. Purushottam feels Naira can’t unmask him now. He tells her that he can wear many masks and she can never show his true face to anyone. He misbehaves with Naira. Kartik loses his cool and goes to bash him up. Naira stops him and wants him to get evidence against Purushottam first.

Kartik feels sorry that Mansi and Naira didn’t trust him and didn’t share their pain with him. He asks Naira if she didn’t find him trustworthy to share this problem. Naira asks him not to stay worried, else she will feel guilty. Kartik and Naira give courage to each other and hug. They meet Anmol and Mansi to make a plan together. Mansi is afraid of Anmol’s reaction. Anmol supports her. Anmol and Mansi have a fake fight, where he blames her for framing a noble man like Purushottam.

Purushottam gets happy seeing them fighting. He wants the society to blame Mansi. He feels no one will blame him in future. Anmol and Mansi get back together after fooling Purushottam. Kartik tells them that now Purushottam’s truth will come out. He knows that Purushottam will make some mistake in overconfidence. Mansi gets afraid, but Kartik lends support to her. Anmol tells Mansi that Kartik has explained him everything and he will explain his family now. Mansi sends a threatening message to Purushottam, since her marriage is getting ruined. She threatens of committing a suicide and mentioning the truth in her suicide note, so that she can prove his crimes to the family.

Samarth’s haldi ceremony goes on. Purushottam loses his peace and applies haldi to Samarth, to quickly rush to Mansi and stop her suicide attempt. Purushottam is scared and finds Mansi lying on the bed. He assumes her to be dead. He searches for the suicide note to clear the evidence. Mansi gets up and scolds him. He realizes the trap laid by her. Purushottam asks Mansi if she is trying to expose him. Mansi warns him against hurting Naira. She blames him for ruining her childhood. Purushottam is sure that even Anmol won’t support her. He scares her of the family’s reaction.

He tells her that the society just blames the women, not men. Mansi drags Ila in the matter and asks him to think if this happens with Ila. Purushottam is protective about Ila. He gets enraged and raises a hand on Mansi. Kartik stops Purushottam and bashes him up. He reprimands him for being so dirty minded and evil doer. He asks her how dare he ruin Mansi’s life. Naira tells Kartik that she has recorded Purushottam’s confession. She doesn’t want to wait more and expose Purushottam. Dadi stops them from exposing her brother. Kartik and Naira are shocked to know Dadi’s stand for Purushottam.

They ask Dadi not to hide the matters. Dadi doesn’t listen to them. Mansi tells Kartik that Dadi has done the same thing before. Kartik doesn’t want the history to repeat. Kartik wants to get justice by another plan. Rukmani wonders why does everyone look upset in the haldi function. She wants to know the matter. Samarth asks Kartik to accompany him. Kartik doesn’t want to give tensions to Samarth. Dadi convinces Kartik and Naira for attending the marriage functions, so that the guests don’t doubt on them. Dadi wants to tell them that she is doing this for a reason. She fails to tell the actual truth. Kartik and Naira want Dadi to expose Purushottam to the family.


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