High Five Spoilers Kundali Bhagya Shakti and more

TGI Friday’s Spoilers Latest Telly Kundali Bhagya

Spoilers Kundali Bhagya Shakti: Sarla spots Sherlyn’s car outside the temple and thinks if she is inside the temple. Prithvi and Sherlyn are inside the temple for their marriage. Sarla is about to see her. Meanwhile, Karan gets doubtful about Rishabh’s feelings for Preeta and asks him, but Rishabh says there is nothing as such. Prithvi thinks they have to reach the party soon so that his plan succeeds.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rivaaj comes up with a new plan to torture Raghav. Rani asks Raghav to tell him wherever he goes and asks him to remember Shivraj and her number. Raghav gives her ring and tells that he went to the mall to buy this for her. Rani gets happy and hugs him saying it is the best gift in the world. Rukmani comes to Raghav’s room and sees them standing. Rani says she came to give bandaid to Raghav. He plans to prove Raghav mad in front of everyone.

He thinks for that, Rani shall not be at home. He puts the rashes powder on the bed to hurt Rukmani. Rukmani develops severe rashes and cries. Rani says she will take her to doctor. Rivaaj proves Raghav mad in front of Shivraj’s guests. He calls Rani and calls her careless. She asks him to see what happened to Raghav and shows him on a video call. Rani worries seeing Raghav’s state.

Shakti: Harman decides to fulfill all of Soumya’s wishes. He talks to many schools to get Soumya’s admission done, but nobody agrees to give her admission. Harman shares her worry with his family. Sindhu calls Harman and says you called many schools, but forgets own sister who is the own teacher. She says if this is your foolishness or that I am a stranger for you. She asks him to bring Soumya to school. Harman takes Soumya to school. Soumya smiles with a sparkle in her eyes. Soumya’s new journey begins at school.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Rani and Shweta hide the box before Madhav could see. Nilambari calls some neighbors who taunt at Vaidehi and Madhav’s relation in a bad light. The man says whatever happening in this house is wrong. Vaidehi says their relation is pure and there is nothing that they are talking about. The man says we don’t believe her and calls her characterless. Madhav takes a stand for Vaidehi and tells that he won’t let her life due to the false accusations, and will marry her. Vaidehi looks at Madhav. Nilambari gets upset.

Roop:Jigna tells Roop that they all will go and will bring Ishika home, by telling her truth. Bua hears them and tells Shamsher that if Roop brings her back then their plan to separate them will fail. Shamsher comes up with another plan and says Contractor Jagdish Bhai will help them in their plan.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Ross does a big conspiracy against Manu and gets meat mixed in the vegetarian food served to Gangadhar and his royal guests. Janki reacts seeing the meat as per the plan and questions Moropant why they are insulting them. She asks what is this new custom by serving non-vegetarian food to us. Gangadhar says you know that I am a vegetarian and not non-vegetarian. He says by serving non-veg, you have hurt my sentiments and have made fun of all Newalkar family. He is about to leave. Moropant and Tatya Guru is shocked. Kashi tells Manu about the rasam in which non-veg was served to Gangadhar. Manu understands it is Ross’ conspiracy.


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