Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar Singh at target Major twist

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar Singh at target Major twist

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar Singh in trouble. Kulfi impresses everyone by singing well. Mahesh wishes her all the best and asks her not to change the tune in the final round. The kids are ready that their teacher is happy with them. Amyra meets them to break their confidence. She insults Kulfi. She tells Kulfi that Sikandar is teaching her to sing a wonderful sing. She gets overconfident to win. Kulfi asks Amyra not to underestimate her. She tells Amyra that she also feels the song is good. They meet another competent, who tells them that he has won many competitions till date and won in all. He tells them that he will be defeating them. Kulfi is sure that the boy Akash will be practicing a lot to win.

Akash tells Kulfi that he will not befriend her, since he wants her to lose to him. He asks Amyra and Kulfi to keep having their car fights, since he is the only one to win. Amyra tells Akash that she will be winning. He gets insulting Amyra for feeling herself as a winner, being a singer’s daughter. He speaks ill of Sikandar. Akash targets Sikandar, unaware that Sikandar is weakness of both his daughters. Amyra and Kulfi team up to defend their father. Akash asks Kulfi why is she defending Amyra’s father, who is he to her.

The kids ask Akash not to disrespect music and artists. Amyra delivers a wonderful performance once again in the next round. Sikandar gets happy to watch her sing and dance happily. Kulfi finds her performance good, but doesn’t fall nervous. Amyra gets all the fun while singing her favorite song. She gets good scores in the round. Lovely gets hopeful that Amyra wins. She wishes the best deserving singer wins. Kulfi and the kids are called for the performance. Kulfi comes up with an emotional performance.

The judges try to just judge their singing, instead their background. Kulfi sings an emotional song and reminds Sikandar about their old moments. Mia executes her plans and plans an electrocution twist on the stage, so that Sikandar admits the truth. She targets Sikandar by using innocent Kulfi. Sikandar gets worried by the technical fault. He goes to check so that Kulfi’s performance doesn’t get spoiled. Kulfi gets electrocuted.

Mia gets into a drama mode and shows her fake concern for Kulfi. She asks her team to arrange a doctor for Kulfi. Sikandar checks Kulfi and asks her if she is fine. Kulfi wakes up and finds Sikandar with her. She suddenly faints down, bringing a panic moment for Sikandar. Mia’s team asks Sikandar to handover Kulfi to them.

They block Sikandar’s way to stop him. They don’t allow Sikandar to take Kulfi for treatment until he tells them what’s his relation with the girl. Sikandar gets hyper in anger and tension. She shouts out the truth. Sikandar reveals that Kulfi is his daughter. He rushes away with Kulfi. The world gets to know that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. The kids, judges, Mahesh, and everyone present get to hear the truth admitted by Sikandar. Kulfi gets the immediate attention.

Lovely gets worried for Kulfi too. Sikandar stays with Kulfi. Doctor tells him that Kulfi is in shock. Amyra cries that Sikandar is always with Kulfi. She doesn’t want this to happen. The kids worry for Kulfi and want her to recover. Everyone loves Kulfi and pray for her, except Amyra. Doctor tells Sikandar that Kulfi is mentally traumatized and she isn’t responding to the medications. Sikandar feels responsible for her trauma. Sikandar gets super worried when he finds Kulfi giving up on her life. He finds a way to revive her when he finds her yearning for her father. He admits the truth to her that she is Nimrat and his daughter. Mia plans to reveal their relation once again on her show.


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