Yeh Rishta Kya Upcoming Peak Drama in Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Dadi vicious plan for Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Upcoming Peak Drama. Kartik and Naira get helpless because of Dadi. They are sure that Dadi has kept the evidence and won’t give it to them to file the police complaint against Purushottam. They try to find more ways to get Purushottam punished. Rukmani gets thinking about Goenkas conducting the marriage in a simple way. She tries to question Dadi about the fishy matter. Dadi tells her about the wish of Samarth’s mum, who wanted Samarth to marry in a simple ceremony. Rukmani gets suspicious of Dadi’s words. Dadi warns her to enjoy the function and not intervene much to spoil the happiness of the groom and bride. Kartik and Naira wish Samarth and Gayu all the best for their marriage commencing.

They wonder what would they do without Dadi’s support. They begin the marriage rituals. Dadi stops the Varmala ritual and asks Samarth and Gayu to wait until something important happens. She removes Purushottam’s Pagdi and gets insulting him for disrespecting women. She exposes her brother in front of her family. She asks Kartik and Naira to reveal Purushottam’s crimes to the family. She shows the video evidence to the family. Kartik and Naira tell the family that Purushottam had molested Mansi when she was young.

The family loses their cool when they hear the ugly truth. They believe Dadi, Kartik and Naira. They get in a shock for a while and then express their anger. Naira tells them that Purushottam has done wrong even with her. She tells how she has restricted Purushottam’s wrong move and decided to expose him. She wants the law to punish him so that his courage breaks down. Kartik wants Naira to raise the voice and not let the culprit go away easily. Kartik and Akhilesh bash up Purushottam. They scold Purushottam for ruining Mansi’s innocence. They get angry on Purushottam for not mending his ways even now.

Naira calls the cops to get Purushottam arrested. Kartik provides the evidence and asks inspector not to spare Purushottam. Akhilesh and Surekha feel sorry that they didn’t understand Mansi’s sorrow and fear. Naira tells them that Purushottam hasn’t changed and taken advantage of many women’s helplessness. Naira slaps Purushottam so that he always remembers it. Purushottam gets exposed, which breaks Ila’s heart more. Ila gets shattered knowing his ugly truth. She tells Purushottam that she was proud of his good work and humble nature before, but knowing how dirty minded he is, she is ashamed of him.

She curses him and wishes that none gets a father like him. Ila ends her relations with Purushottam. She tells him that now when she knows his truth, she hates him a lot. Purushottam gets much upset because of Ila’s hatred and begs her not to end their ties. Purushottam gets arrested. Ila apologizes to Naira for not trusting her before. She feels she should have trusted Naira and helped her. She apologizes to Mansi, Singhanias and Goenkas for everything her father has done.

She pays the honour to Naira, and tells her that she deserves all the respect, she is an ideal woman. She makes Naira wear the Pagdi, which is a symbol of high prestige. She also praises Kartik for being an ideal husband, who always stand by Naira and blindly trust her. Kartik and Naira get ahead with Samarth and Gayu’s marriage rituals. Purushottam gets himself bailed out. He threatens to ruin the Goenkas, who are responsible for Ila’s move to end ties with him. Purushottam loses his daughter and vows to snatch away everything from Goenkas.


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