Star Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Mohabbatein Yeh Rishtey

Kulfi Kumar Mia doubles the twists for Sikandar

Star Plus Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Mohabbatein Yeh Rishte: Mishti tries to tell Ved’s truth to Abir. She fails to tell anything, when she gets Kuhu’s message. Kuhu goes to tell Ketki about Ved, that he is a big fraud. Mishti rushes to stop Kuhu. She tells Kuhu that they should talk to Abir first, since he will trust them. Kuhu asks her since when does she know Abir, maybe he won’t help them. Kuhu shouts to Ketki about Ved’s truth.

Meenakshi overhears them and questions them about Ved. Mishti tells Meenakshi that she has seen Ved in the temple, he was marrying some girl. Meenakshi can’t believe this and asks her if she has any proof. Mishti tells her that she has no proof like pictures or video, but Ved had a foot sprain when he slipped on the temple stairs.

Meenakshi recalls that Ved really has a sprain in his foot. She gets doubtful about Ved. She locks Mishti and Kuhu and takes their phones. She tells them that she will find out the truth, and until then they won’t come out and won’t tell anyone about Ved. She goes to confront Mrs. Parekh about Ved’s sprain. Mrs. Parekh lies that Ved had been busy in the house decorations and fell down the stairs, when he got hurt. Meenakshi believes Mrs. Parekh. She asks Parul not to let Mishti and Kuhu out. She tells Parul that the girls want to stop Ketki’s marriage. She doesn’t want the marriage to get spoiled.

Parul goes to guard Mishti and Kuhu. She tells them that she will free them once Ketki and Ved get married. Mishti and Kuhu get much worried for Ketki’s future. Abir and Kunal are very happy for Ketki’s marriage. Abir teases Ved. He asks Kunal to find Mishti and Kuhu. Kunal doesn’t see them anywhere. He misses to find them locked. He enjoys the marriage function. Abir looks for them. Parul opens the door when she sees Abir coming. Mishti tells Kuhu that they can’t let Ketki’s life get ruined, they have to do something and make some way out.

Mishti takes a disguise and leaves from there. Kunal sees her and doesn’t recognize her. Mishti tries to reach the mandap so that she can expose Ved. She wishes to talk to Abir once. She gets Ved’s phone and makes a plan to expose him. Mishti shocks the family by revealing Ved and his first wife Kanchi. Meenakshi and the family get a huge shock with this big revelation. Meenakshi tells Parekh family that if Mishti is saying a lie, then she will apologize to them. She asks them to summon Kanchi so that they can know the truth.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Mia tells the new rules of the semi final round, that the kids will be performing with each other’s music teachers, so that they can display their real talent, that’s not dependent on their teachers.

She pairs up Sikandar and Kulfi in one group to anger Amyra further. She puts Sikandar in another complicated situation. Kulfi and Amyra don’t know how to react on this situation. Sikandar worries when Kulfi doesn’t speak for long. Kulfi bears Amyra’s hatred. Sikandar knows Mia is planning dirty tricks. He just wants to protect Kulfi. Sikandar realizes that Kulfi is in trauma and lost her voice for a temporary period. Doctor suggests him to help Kulfi break out the trauma phase to retain her voice permanently.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Sahil gets angry on Shamshad, knowing the police nabbed their aide. Sahil faces much loss in his business. He learns that he has lost the big deal. He realizes that there is some traitor in his gang, who has become a police informer. He loses the drugs packet and also the diamonds. He wants to know who is cheating him. Rohan and Karan meet their friends. Rohan’s friends question him about his marriage with Aaliya. Rohan feels humiliated when they comment that Aaliya doesn’t live with him. Rohan tells them that Aaliya loves him and will soon be back to him, once she recovers from her health problems. His friends tell Rohan that they know about Aaliya living with her first husband. Rohan reacts in anger, while Karan worries. Rohan spikes Aaliya’s drink to win her. He confesses love to Aaliya.


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