Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Coming twists Not to be missed

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Coming twists Not to be missed

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Coming twists. Amyra tells Sikandar that she doesn’t want him to spend time with Kulfi. Lovely and Sikandar explain her that he will spend more time with her, than Kulfi. Lovely asks Amyra not to make it tough for Sikandar, since its compulsory in the competition that he performs with Kulfi. He promises to also train Amyra. Lovely finds him breaking down again and goes to check on Kulfi. She assures Sikandar that Amyra will understand him and not get much upset. Kulfi refuses to have food and stays upset. Lovely sends the temple prasad for her, to which she would not refuse. Kulfi accepts the prasad and honors it. Lovely gets glad that she has consumed it.

Sikandar meets Kulfi and her kids. He trains them and asks them to learn singing. He wants her to sing. He tells them that they will practice well and win the competition. Kulfi is upset with Sikandar. She doesn’t want to talk to him. He asks her to vent out her anger on him and not burden her heart by anything negative. He asks Kulfi to sing with him.

He tells Kulfi that he loves her a lot, he can’t live without her. He asks her to sing at least for the sake of her friends. He tells her that her group will lose if she doesn’t sing. He then asks her to sing for at least Nimrat’s sake.

Kulfi prepares to sing and realizes that she can’t sing or talk. She loses her voice by the shock incident. Sikandar and Kulfi’s friends get a huge shock knowing she can’t sing. Mia worries when she sees Kulfi unable to sing. She doesn’t want to disqualify Kulfi, knowing the viewers want her in the show. She doesn’t want Kulfi to spoil her big plans. Mia reaches her and calls for a doctor for her. Sikandar urges Kulfi to talk to him by trying well. Kulfi isn’t able to speak either. She feels scared that she lost her voice forever. Sikandar gets panicking and hugs Kulfi. He tells her that she will gain her voice back, when she gets treated. Sikandar gets Kulfi treated.

The doctor tells Sikandar that Kulfi is in shock and stress, she may recover her voice on her own, but if she doesn’t regain her voice soon, the matter can get complicated, Kulfi would never be able to talk. Mia feels guilty that she is responsible for Kulfi’s loss of voice.

Sikandar can’t believe this. Doctor asks him to keep Kulfi happy and relieve her stress so that she gets her voice. Sikandar and Lovely shed tears for Kulfi. Mia apologizes to them. She tells Sikandar that she is helpless to disqualify Kulfi and her friends from the competition if she doesn’t sing in the coming round. She asks him to attempt to help Kulfi regain her voice.

Sikandar wants to cure Kulfi. Even her friends want to try their best and become her courage to help her. Sikandar tells Lovely that he feels ashamed that he isn’t able to help Kulfi. Lovely asks him to go ahead and help Kulfi in gaining her voice again. He tells her that Kulfi is hiding her pain and suppressing her sorrow. Lovely asks him to spend time with Kulfi. He doesn’t want Amyra to know about this and react in hyper state. He fears that Amyra will get unwell. Lovely promises to take care of Amyra.


  1. it’s so sad that sikander and loveeli are giving into amyra’s selfish request not to help kulfi, she is such an evil and rude selfish child. what kid of kid they are raiseing. she should be slapped. sikander is a weak character not taking care of his own blood just running after some one else’s child. shame on the story writer,


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