Silsila Ruhaan to rescue Mishti from a havoc

Silsila Ruhaan to rescue Mishti from a havoc

Silsila Ruhaan to rescue Mishti. Mishti agrees to go to Lonavla to manage the new project. Arnav prepares for his interview. He wants to succeed in his life so that he wins Pari’s love. Sukamini and Taani wish her all the best. Mishti prepares to leave for Lonavla. She meets Veer and tells him about her work trip. Veer tells her that he will accompany her. She tells Veer that she will handle her work on her own. She asks Veer not to worry for her. Sukamini scolds Taani and confronts her for the lie. She asks Taani why is she missing the studies. She asks Taani to talk to her parents herself, since she doesn’t want to answer them. Taani gets upset. She asks Sukamini not to tell anything to her parents. She apologizes to Sukamini.

She promises to be obedient and also join the classes to pass her exams. Mishti attends the work meeting and finishes it well. She is happy to get the deal for Pari. She is sure that Pari will handle her work well. Mishti wraps up the work and thinks of leaving for home. Sukamini and Radhika share a talk about Mishti’s tension and confusion about the marriage. Radhika feels Mishti isn’t happy with the marriage and seems restless these days.

Sukamini also feels the same that Mishti is not ready for the marriage yet. They think what to do to help Mishti. Mishti calls up Pari and tells her that the clients praised her work and are very much happy with their professionalism.

Pari gives all the credit to Mishti. She asks Mishti to leave for home soon, since there is a rally on the way, there maybe road blockage. Mishti agrees to leave at the same moment. Arnav returns home and tells the family about his job. He gives sweets to everyone. He tells the family that he has given a good interview and got the job. Everyone congratulates him for his new phase of life. Mishti leaves for Pune. Ruhaan gets to see the breaking news of the chaos during the rally. He gets worried knowing Mishti is also present there. He rushes to help out Mishti.


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