Ye Rishtey Hai Pyar Abir Mishti’s affair news to break out

Abir Mishti Rishtey Pyaar Ke to get tested by Meenakshi

Ye Rishtey Hai Pyar Mishti tells her family that Meenakshi has known the truth of Ved and still didn’t listen. Kuhu tells them that Meenakshi had locked them inside the room and went to check on the truth herself, but she didn’t believe them and instead believed the liar Ved. The family wonders why did Meenakshi agree for Ketki and Ved’s marriage knowing the truth. Vishwamber tells them that he can’t trust Meenakshi easily and now they will know Rajvansh family before fixing Mishti’s alliance. He doesn’t want Mishti’s life to be left on fate. She tells Mishti that he will not let anything wrong happen with you. Kaushal and Nidhi are much upset that Ketki’s marriage couldn’t happen because of Ved’s fraud.

Abir tries to cheer them up and asks them to see the positive side that Ketki got saved. He plans to have a family outing at their farmhouse so that they can celebrate Ketki’s good life. Parul cries and blesses Abir and Kunal for being so hearty and caring. Kunal asks her why did she lock Mishti and Kuhu in the room. She tells them that she couldn’t believe those girls and wanted Ketki’s marriage to happen well. She apologizes as she didn’t know Ved’s truth. Abir tells her that sometimes she should trust others. Kuhu calls Ketki and talks to encourage her.

Abir also consoles Ketki. He tells Ketki that she shouldn’t be upset for long. He asks Ketki to come with him. Meenakshi regrets for the broken alliance. Abir, Kunal and Ketki have a fun time. Mishti misses Abir and wants to talk to him. Meenakshi gets the stuff packed for the family outing. Kunal and Abir ask her if she really knew about Ved. Everyone gets against Meenakshi, knowing Mishti told her the truth and still Meenakshi didn’t stop the marriage.

Nidhi gets grateful to Mishti that she has got the truth out, unlike Meenakshi. Mishti urges to meet Abir. She takes a disguise again and tries to meet him at his house. Meenakshi gets angry that the family is losing faith in her because of Mishti. Mishti finally meets Abir. He hugs her to thank her for saving Ketki’s life. Mrs. Parekh spies on them and gets angry on Mishti. She wants to defame Mishti for having an affair with Abir. She doesn’t want Mishti and Abir to live happy, after ruining Ved’s life.


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