TGI Friday’s Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Accident twist and more

High 5 Spoilers Hits Yeh Un Dinon Tujhse Raabta Muskaan

Yeh Un Dinon Accident twist and more spoilers. Pyaar Ke Papad: Gupta and his sons expose Triloki for his move to break the family. Gupta scolds Triloki for his evil planning. Triloki gets angry when Gupta slaps him. Triloki makes Omkar and Shivika fight by using Omkar’s weakness, his family. Triloki raises a hand on Gupta. Omkar and his brothers go to beat Triloki. Shivika stops Omkar and asks him how dare he raise hand on her dad. He tells her that her dad has slapped his dad. She asks him to apologize to her dad. She ends ties with him when he doesn’t apologize. She tells him that if he can’t respect her dad, he doesn’t deserve her love. Omkar and Shivika break up. Omkar has belief on his love that Shivika will get convinced when he explains the matter. Triloki is sure that she is very angry and will never forgive Omkar. He doesn’t want Omkar and Shivika to marry.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and Vedika have a moment when they get locked in the washroom. He feels like he has a strong connection with her. He tells her that they would be really destined to meet, since they are coming together under strange circumstances. He expresses his feelings to her. The water tap breaks. He saves her when she slips down on the floor. Sahil and Vedika’s moment gets witnessed by their family, who strongly object against their relation.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara meet again. They get bothered by the media. Kabeer saves her from the media’s questions. They both have an argument regarding their divorce. She tells him that they have to stay together for a month to find a chance of reconciliation. Kabeer doesn’t want to live with her. Kabeer gets rude towards her, but when he finds her in trouble, he runs to her rescue. Kabeer takes Zara with him and cares for her.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Sikandar makes many attempts to cheer up Kulfi and end her stress. He just wants his daughter to stay fine and happy. He asks her to sing along with him. He does everything possible to make her smile. He does a clown’s act to make her laugh. He asks her to sing if she likes the tune. Kulfi tries hard to sing, but she isn’t able to. She doesn’t regain her voice. He doesn’t want her to lose in the semi final round. He wants her to sing and make her team win again. He is trying hard to make her sing again.

She laughs seeing his antics. She signs him that she isn’t able to sing. She feels bad within. Sikandar recalls how Amyra run to him when he got hurt. He gets an idea to make Kulfi regain her voice by risking his life, so that she gets a shock and speaks up. He will triumph over the problems and make Kulfi regain her voice, which would mean Kulfi giving a tough competition to Amyra again.

Sitara promises Rani Maa that she will leave from Viraj’s life when everything gets fine. Rani Maa doesn’t want to accept Sitara as her bahu, knowing she is a Vishkanya. Sitara spends some final time with Viraj. Sitara gets leaving from his life. She learns Viraj got kidnapped. She runs to Vishlok to save Viraj. Vrinda attacks Sitara and kills her. Viraj witnesses Sitara’s death. He cries out on her death. Haryali saves Sitara’s life for her personal benefits.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer is worried that he has to make new designs for his boutique. Naina helps him and pacifies his tensions. Sameer doesn’t want to take help from Vishaka. He has launched his new business. He gets blessings from Naina’s family. Naina gets jealous when ladies customers come to boutique. The girls flirt with Sameer, which makes Naina insecure. Naina attends the girls and makes them away from Sameer. Bela cries and informs Sameer about Naina. Sameer learns a shocking news about Naina’s accident. He tells Vishaka about Naina’s accident and runs to see her. He fears of losing Naina.


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