YRKKH Critical times for Goenkas initiates a new track

Kartik Naira Yeh Rishta Upcoming twists

YRKKH Critical times for Goenkas. Manish gets affected by Purushottam’s evil strike. He gets a heart attack. He is admitted in the hospital. This brings a wave of tension in the family. Dadi wishes Manish to get fine soon. Kartik cries and asks Manish to please get up and talk to him. Dadi consoles Kartik and tells him that their prayers will help Manish recover soon. Kartik calls Suwarna and asks her to come home soon, since he needs her a lot. He asks Naira if Manish will get fine. He gets worried for his dad. Naira gives him courage that Manish will fight with the illness and come back to them. Naira answers the manager’s call and rushes to attend the emergency. Kartik fears that anything can go wrong for the family.

Dadi asks Akhilesh not to head to office and be with her. Naira goes home and finds the investors creating a chaos. She gets worried when they all claim their money. She reveals about Manish’s heart attack. They get more panicking for their money and ask who will complete the project now, how will Goenkas return the money. Naira promises to return their money on time and asks them to have faith on Goenkas for once. She assures that the project won’t stop at any cost and she will be managing the project herself.

She asks them not to end their collaboration in tough times. She buys some time and handles the matter. She is afraid that Kartik may feel bad of her move.

Kartik stays with Manish. Manish gets conscious. He is still worried because of his wrong decision and the critical situation at office. Kartik asks him not to worry. Manish tries to leave and go to the hospital. Kartik stops him. Suwarna comes to meet Manish. She handles Manish and cries for him. Kartik gets a relief with her coming. Naira cries seeing Manish’s state. Kartik asks her where did she go suddenly. He tells her that Suwarna is back and now she will look after Manish well.

She asks him not to get angry knowing about the investors, who wants their money back. He gets surprised that she has gone to handle the matter. He is thankful to her for buying some time. He hugs her and feels proud of her. She tells him that she was confused if she did right. He tells her that Manish also wants to know about investors, Manish is in tension because of the loss.

Kartik gets to talk to an investor, who demands his money back at the earliest. Doctor tells the family that Manish is really critical since the reports have come. Kartik and Naira try to handle the business and family. They worry for Manish’s life. Doctor takes Kartik’s consent for Manish’s surgery. Naira has to make a proposal to convince the investors. She is worried for Goenkas. She loses courage and cries, while praying in the temple. Bhabhimaa meets her and awakens Naira’s inner strength. She tells Naira that a woman has much strength within and can do anything for her family. She inspires Naira and asks her to protect her family. Naira wants to help Goenkas and Kartik so that everything gets fixed.


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