Kulfi Kumar Baje Wala Upcoming Unexpected Outcome

Kulfi Kumar Baje Wala Upcoming Unexpected Outcome

Kulfi Kumar Baje Wala Upcoming Sikandar tells the judges about his wish to perform with Kulfi’s group. The judges are hopeful that music is powerful and can do a miracle with Kulfi. They wish all the best to Kulfi and Sikandar. They all wish that Kulfi gets her voice back. Amyra prays that Kulfi never fulfills her wish and never regains her voice. Mia asks her aide to execute the plan and put Sikandar’s life in danger, so that Kulfi regains her voice. Sikandar risks his life so that Kulfi shouts out to save him. He wants a shock to help her recover her voice. She gets scared of the mic. She doesn’t hold the mic. Sikandar tries to end her fears. He makes her hold the mic and makes her believe that everything is fine.

Amyra wishes Kulfi gets excluded from the competition. Sikandar performs with much intense emotions. He takes up the real danger on his head. He asks Mia’s aide to drop the chandelier over him, so that Kulfi runs to save him and recovers. His plan works out as he planned. Kulfi pushes him back and starts talking in her worry and concern for her father. She asks Sikandar if he is fine or not. He gets pleased that she has regained her voice. He tells her that he cares for nothing, but just her.

Amyra gets upset seeing the father-daughter emotional moment. Mia gets much happy that Kulfi has regained her voice, since she is the lead singer of her show now. She knows that only Kulfi can get good TRPs for her show. Sikandar asks Kulfi to sing with him and win the competition, he will always be with her. Sikandar helps her sing again. He makes the miracle possible. Kulfi gets indebted to him once again. She sings with her father. They both cry out while they render a super emotional performance. Sikandar rejoices that one of his dream got fulfilled. He always wanted to perform with his daughter. Sikandar feels proud of Kulfi’s talent. He doesn’t want her to suffer more in her life.

Amyra gets crying seeing Kulfi winning it all. Kulfi and Sikandar become the powerful performers of the round. Kulfi gets praised by the judges and the audience. She gets grateful to Sikandar for returning her voice, dreams and confidence. Kulfi gets her vanished smile back. She gets a good score and gives a tough competition to Amyra again. Amyra hates the fact that Sikandar has helped Kulfi in defeating her.

Kulfi leads than Amyra and becomes a finalist. Kulfi gains the second position in the competition. Mia pairs Kulfi and Amyra once again to bring a drama again. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi and Amyra to break their hearts. He knows if one of them wins, the other will be heartbroken. He doesn’t want one of them to face the failure and shatter. Kulfi gets overjoyed that she has got her voice back. She celebrates with her friends. She tells them that she will talk a lot and sing a lot so that she can hear her voice too. She has missed her voice a lot. She shares her happiness with Sikandar.

He gets happy seeing her smile restored. Sikandar asks her to always be happy. They both get emotional over the past struggles. They hope to sort the things again. Amyra poses a hurdle once again. She separates Sikandar from Kulfi with a streak of hatred and vengeance. Kulfi bears the separation from her father again. Kulfi and Amyra compete in the semi-final round.



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