High Five Spoilers Un Dinon Dil Toh Happy Udaan

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Un Dinon Dil Toh Happy Udaan Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil is getting engaged, but not with Vedika. He happens to meet Vedika. He confesses love to her. He tells her that he loves her a lot. Sahil tries to explain her that he doesn’t love Avantika. Sahil’s mum is getting Sahil married to Avantika. Vedika is sacrificing her love for Sahil. Sahil is getting married in two days. He is unhappy and agreed for his mum’s sake. Sahil gets rejected by Vedika. He sits for his haldi with a bad mood. Manjula spots them together and sees the game of destiny bringing them together. She tries to remind the past to Vedika, but Vedika doesn’t listen to her.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Rocky’s truth has come out. Rocky is blamed for molesting Smiley. Rocky urges Happy to believe him once and clear the misunderstanding in Smiley’s mind. Happy tries to explain Smiley and Sandhya. She bears Smiley’s wrath again. Smiley asks Happy to get away from her life for once and all. She gives a last warning to Happy. She threatens to leave the house. She tells Happy that the talks are over, and now she doesn’t want to listen to anything again. Happy chooses to support Rocky. She tells Sandhya that Rocky can’t kidnap Smiley again, they have to find out who were others helping the culprit.

She asks Sandhya to find out who has done this, they can’t blame Rocky for this, RV is a lawyer and would be knowing this, but he didn’t tell us anything. She doubts RV and gets believing Rocky. Rocky waits for Happy and wants her to believe him, help him in proving his innocence. Rocky wants the real culprit to get punished so that Smiley gets justice.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Aisha falls ill. She keeps a condition in front of Kabeer and asks him to get Zara back. The family is worried for her health. Zara learns about Aisha’s state and meets her in disguise of a driver. Kabeer wants to stay away from Zara to protect her. He falls helpless. He wants to save both Zara and Aisha. Kabeer doesn’t know that Zara has taken disguise to help Aisha. She takes help from Elena. Zara still cares for Kabeer’s family. Kabeer expresses his feelings for Zara in front of Zara’s friend. He doesn’t know Zara has heard everything. Kabeer and Zara will accept their love and unite again. Kabeer loves Zara a lot, and is just pretending to hate her. Zara wants to know why Kabeer wants to maintain distance from her when their hearts are so connected.

Silsila: Mishti gets caught up in the riots. She gets troubled by the local goons and tries to run away. She wants to save her life. She falls in a pit and covers herself with the dry leaves. Ruhaan gets the shocking call and learns that she is in danger. He rushes to save Mishti from the goons. Mishti sees Ruhaan and shouts to him. She gets overwhelmed. She gets happy and runs to hug him. Mishti and Ruhaan have a moment. Mishti wants to accept love to him.

Udaan: Raghav wants to save Chakor from Poonam’s madness. He keeps a gun for her safety. He just wants to be with Chakor, as long as she is happy. Chakor welcomes the villagers home. The villagers thank her and are happy that she has got freedom for them again. They get garlands for her. Chakor doesn’t remember anything. She gets in a dilemma. She gets dizzy. Raghav takes care of her. He reminds her about Suraj and her marriage. He gives her medicines to cure her. He doesn’t want Poonam to harm her. Sameer spies on Raghav and Chakor. He learns about Chakor’s memory loss. Sameer and Anjor want to take Chakor with them. Raghav learns a new problem and lies to Chakor. He goes to meet Poonam, who comes up with a new condition.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina have a romantic moment, while they rush to open the boutique. She tells him that they have to welcome the customers. He stops her and asks her to give him some time. Sameer and Naina name the boutique Samaina. They want to succeed in their new venture. Sameer welcomes the lady customers. Naina gets jealous when the ladies stare at him. Naina reminds him that he is just of her. Sameer enjoys her jealousy.

Roop: Roop gets the divorce papers and asks Ishika to sign the papers. He gets the fake goons to scare her. She knows Roop’s plans. She doesn’t care for the goons. She refuses to sign the papers. She wants to express her love to change his mindset and decision.


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