Ye Rishta Kya Kehlataa Upcoming twists tonight

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlataa Upcoming twists tonight

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlataa Upcoming Naira is much worried that Manish’s surgery will be happening the next day when she has to prepare the presentation and get some time from the investors. She is worried since even Kartik can’t help her in the business. She knows Kartik is already much worried for his father and she can’t ask him to handle the business at this moment, which would make everyone feel that they are more concerned for the business than Manish’s life. She cries while talking to Krishna. She gets much upset. She loses courage. She feels she won’t be able to help Goenkas. She also fears that Dadi may not be liking her stride in joining the Goenka business. She wants to help Kartik and his family.

She doesn’t want Purushottam to ruin Goenka family completely. Purushottam swears to tackle them and make them devastated to take revenge of his humiliation from them. He is angered that they made him away from Ila as well. Purushottam treasured his daughter. He is much wounded at his heart that Ila ended ties with him. He wants to give it back to the Goenkas by snatching a big support from them.

Purushottam doesn’t think that Naira or anyone else can help Goenkas in this weak moment, where all the investors are backing off and demanding their money back. Naira is in dilemma over the step she should take ahead. Bhabhimaa guides her and tells her that a woman can do anything if she is determined. She asks Naira not to be afraid if her intentions are good. Naira decides to handle the business, and make a try, without having any fears of the consequences. Kartik and Naira make a decision to prepare the presentation and then try to convince the investors. Kartik works hard and believes in Naira’s efforts.

Dadi doesn’t want Naira to give the presentation to the investors. Kartik and Naira learn that Manish is taken for the surgery. They pray for Manish’s recovery. Kartik gives the presentation to the investors, who don’t get convinced and refuse to them. They ask for their money again. Kartik shatters with this failure and gets upset. Naira gets an idea by recalling her old life.

She tells the investors about their back up plan. She tells them that they will organize a jewellery exhibition, since their jewellery designs are unique, the people will surely buy the designs from them. The investors get convinced by Naira’s confidence. They give a word to Naira when she handles the meeting alone. Kartik rushes to the hospital to be with Manish. The surgery happens well and Manish gets recovering. Naira reaches the hospital and tells Kartik that the meeting went well, and the investors are ready to give them some time. She gives the good news to Kartik, which he passes to Manish. Kartik tells Manish that investors are ready to work with them, all because of Naira. He asks Manish not to worry. Manish is grateful to Naira. Dadi doesn’t like Naira’s idea of the jewellery fair. She opposes Naira and also instructs Manish not to out faith in Naira’s efforts.


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