Kasautii Zindagii Star Prime Murder truth Highlights

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Kidnapping Drama next

Kasautii Zindagii Star Prime Komolika wanted to kill Prerna. She also hires a goon to kill her enemy. She is much worried that Moloy has got conscious. She wants to kill Moloy like she got killed Rajesh. She asks the goon to kill Moloy at the hospital. The goon refuses to do this task. Komolika angrily slaps him. Prerna is on the way to meet Moloy. She calls Anurag. He assumes that she has called to talk about her new business magazine. She tells him that she isn’t like him to just value business, since she values relations. She gives him the good news that Moloy is out of coma. He gets very happy and tells her that she has given a really good news to him. She tells him that she knows he loves Moloy a lot and that’s why she has called to give the news.

Prerna and Komolika reach the hospital at the same time, while Anurag is on the way. Komolika wants to stop everyone from learning the truth. She wishes that Prerna leaves from there. She has to handle everything on her own. She doesn’t want Moloy to expose her. Doctor doesn’t let Prerna meet Moloy. He tells her the reason that Anurag suspects Moloy was an attempt to murder. Prerna gets a huge shock on knowing this, since she has lost her dad in the accident.

Doctor tells Prerna that its Anurag’s instructions that none meets his dad before him. Komolika wants to kill Moloy some how. Mohini and Nivedita prepare to leave for hospital. Mohini calls Anurag to tell him the good news. Anurag tells her that he already knows this and he is on the way to the hospital. She tells him that even she is coming to the hospital. Anurag expresses his joy in front of Anupam.

He tells Anupam that Prerna has given this good news to him and now his dad will return home. He feels he has got double happiness. Prerna isn’t able to believe that someone tried to kill Moloy and Rajesh. Doctor tells her that Anurag has the proof against the culprit, the police is also searching for the culprit. Komolika overhears them and gets worried that Moloy will expose her truth. Moloy wants to accept Prerna has his bahu.


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