Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockin Reveal of Amyra’s condition

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockin Reveal of Amyra's condition

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockin Reveal Amyra reminds Sikandar his promise that he will make her win. She asks him to keep his promise. She makes Sikandar distant from Kulfi again. Sikandar is troubled that Amyra isn’t understanding situation once again. Kulfi is left in tears while Amyra takes Sikandar with him. Mia thinks Kulfi may win the final round, and maybe Amyra wins as well. She wants to expose Sikandar and Kulfi’s blood ties on the stage in the pre-finals round. Sikandar and Lovely meet the doctor and tell him about the progress in Amyra’s health. Doctor tells them that Amyra’s state is critical even now, she shouldn’t get any anger, shock or sorrow. He asks them to let Amyra sing if she enjoys.

He advises them to keep Amyra happy. He gives them the update on Amyra’s deteriorating state. Sikandar and Lovely are stunned. Kulfi misses Sikandar. She gets cheered up by the friends. She apologizes to them and tells them that she will win for their sake. She is sure to win after a lots of hard work. Kulfi learns the style switch round. Kulfi gets a big task og singing a Rap song.

Amyra gets a song of Kulfi’s style and gets ready to sing it and dedicate it to Sikandar. Kulfi promises her friends that she will give her best. Kulfi tries to practice the Rap song. Akash asks her to practice well. Kulfi is sure that he is an all rounder. Akash wants a tough competition. Kulfi and Amyra along with the other two finalists make an entry in the pre-finals. They want to prove that they are the best singers, the perfect one to win. Amyra recalls Sikandar’s love for Kulfi. She cries on the stage and dedicates the song to her dad. She steals Sikandar and Kulfi’s song to win the round. Amyra changes the lyrics of Sikandar’s song and sings for him. Her song touches Sikandar’s heart.

He gets surprised by her wonderful performance. He knows Amyra’s immensely loves him. He feels helpless because of his fate. Mia feels Akash maybe winning this round and reaching the finals. She wants to know who will make it to the final round with Akash. Kulfi and her gang sings a rap in the round. This also gets surprising for Sikandar. Kulfi gets stuck midway and spoils her performance.

Amyra gets angered seeing Kulfi singing a Rap song like her. Sikandar worries seeing Kulfi not able to deliver a wonderful performance. Kulfi gets upset that she couldn’t sing well. The judges stay lenient towards Kulfi, knowing singing a rap isn’t an easy task. Akash makes an entry into the final round. Amyra wins the second position, while Kulfi gets ousted from the competition.

Sikandar cries for Kulfi’s sorrow. He doesn’t feel happy for Amyra’s win. He gets into mixed emotions. He wants to be happy and celebrate Amyra’s happiness, but he can’t tolerate Kulfi’s tears. One of his daughter wins and other one loses. He doesn’t know what to do to be justified towards them. Amyra gets selected for the finals. Lovely wonders what will be happening with Kulfi and her gang, once they leave from the competition. Mia wants to expose Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation in front of the media. She is hopeful that the finals will get more dramatic. She doesn’t pity Kulfi and trashes her picture. Mia proceeds to reveal the big truth.


  1. Wow. Doctor has ensured myras win by asking Gill to ensure her happiness at any cost. I doubt Dr is sold out and myra is ok. When are you going to reveal the truth to myra? Does Gill need a spine? Available in market. Shall we send one? We want myras exit

  2. Trash the show! Evil Amyra always winning! When will good character ever find relief from torment and crying! If you can get a good morale than close the show


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