Star Plus Upcoming Tonight and more twists

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Upcoming Tonight Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke: Vishwamber and Rajshri get to see Mishti with Abir. They question Mishti about her meet with Abir. Mishti tells them that she was with a friend, who needed her. Vishwamber asks Mishti to call her friend inside, he also wants to meet him. She rushes to stop Abir and asks him to come home,Vishwamber wants to meet him. Abir meets Vishwamber. He tells her that Mishti helped him and didn’t let his wound turn worse, she has healed him by her friendship. He speaks good of Mishti. Vishwamber understands his concern. He tells Abir that already Ketki and Kuhu’s alliances broke and he doesn’t want the same to happen with Mishti. He tells Abir how Mrs. Parekh has come home to insult Mishti because of him. Abir feels sorry.

Vishwamber asks him not to meet Mishti again and stay away, since he doesn’t want anyone to raise finger on Mishti’s character. Abir agrees to his request. He doesn’t want Mishti to suffer. He thinks of not meeting Mishti again. He gives his word to Vishwamber that he won’t meet Mishti. Abir leaves from there, while Mishti sees him. Mishti blames Kuhu for telling the family about her outing. Kuhu clears her misunderstanding. She tells how Mrs. Parekh came home to complain about her and Abir. Mishti gets upset knowing this. She is angered that Mrs. Parekh isn’t able to handle Ved and Kanchi, and instead she is trying to ruin their lives.

Mishti feels bad for Abir, that he had to listen all this nonsense because of her. She tries to call out Abir and stop him, but he doesn’t listen. Meenakshi reaches a temple. Mishti gets her video call. She finds Meenakshi repenting in the temple. She calls Kunal and shows Meenakshi’s repentance on the video call. Kunal and Abir get worried for Meenakshi. They want to trace Meenakshi and know where is she. The family don’t find Meenakshi anywhere.

Meenakshi falls down the stairs. Mishti recognizes the temple and rushes there to save her. Abir feels maybe Meenakshi doesn’t want anyone to find her. Kunal wants to help his mum. Mishti rescues Meenakshi and feeds her water. Mishti calls Abir there. Abir and family reach Meenakshi and apologize to her. Meenakshi’s dad expresses how much he treasures Meenakshi. Mishti finds the strong bond of Rajvansh family. Abir worries for Meenakshi. Meenakshi is revengeful against Mishti. She apologizes to Mishti and Kuhu, and gets in Abir’s good books once again.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna prepares for Radhe’s tests. She wants to prove that he isn’t Radhe. Veer tells the inspector that none can stop him from reaching Krishna. He attacks the policemen to make an escape.

He takes a doctor’s disguise to make an easy escape. Nurse informs the inspector that Veer has run away. Inspector calls Krishna and alerts her that Veer has escaped and maybe he will reach there. Krishna asks inspector to do his duty well and catch Veer. Veer wants to reach Krishna’s hospital and meet her. Krishna learns that Radhe has also left from the hospital. He gets angered on the situation. Veer meets Krishna and surprises her. He confesses love to Krishna and also wishes her on the anniversary.

Krishna gets away from Veer. The guy assumed as Radhe, watches Veer and Krishna’s love drama. He asks Veer why is she troubling Krishna. He takes a stand for Krishna and scolds Veer. Veer asks him who is he to come between them. Radhe tells Veer that he is Radhe, which shocks the latter. Veer is serving punishment for Radhe’s accidental death. He doesn’t know what’s the truth. Veer and Radhe get into a fight because of Krishna. She worriedly stops their fight.


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