Ye Rishta Upcoming Huge Twists in Goenka family

Ye Rishta Upcoming Huge Twists in Goenka family

Ye Rishta Upcoming Huge Twists. Kartik and Akhilesh get Manish home, after the successful surgery. They hope for Manish’s quick recovery. Manish stays stress free seeing the way Kartik and entire family are shouldering the big responsibilities of family and business. He always wanted them to become independent and focussed. Manish is sure that Kartik won’t let anything happen to Goenka group. He is grateful to Naira for coming up with a nice idea and convincing the investors right on time, which none could have done with much ease like her. Kartik tells the family about Naira’s idea to sell off the jewellery in the exhibition, so that they can recover their investments soon. Dadi doesn’t like to organize any sake. She tells them that they will lose their prestige.

Everyone is happy and supportive of Naira. Dadi doesn’t like Naira’s business project. She feels Naira won’t be able to manage anything. Naira hears Dadi’s words and gets upset. Suwarna hugs Naira and tells her that they all trust her and she will really be able to help the family. She encourages Naira to fight and not lose so soon. Kartik tells Naira that they aren’t getting any place for the exhibition, because of upcoming elections.

Manish tells Dadi that they have already lost a lot, they have to make this final attempt to survive if possible. Naira and Kartik are very happy to get some time from the investors. Dadi isn’t happy with Naira. She asks Manish to think again before giving this big responsibility to Naira, since she lacks the business sense. Manish tells Dadi that Naira can’t fulfil the project without any expertise. She doesn’t want Naira to ruin their name. She tells Manish that they aren’t any vendors to sell the jeweller on wholesale model.

Manish tells Dadi that this idea to sell the jewellery is really good, since it has cut down the showroom cost. He tells that they have no better idea than this, Naira is working hard and they should support her since the investors are showing belief in her. Dadi feels investors are trying to insult them by supporting an amateur. Manish doesn’t agree with Dadi. He wants Kartik and Naira to save Goenkas company from incurring huge losses. Naira doesn’t find any place for organizing the exhibition. She plans to organize the exhibition at her home. She takes Kartik to Singhania house.

She tells him that Singhania house is really huge and they can easily turn it into a business event venue. He likes the idea and tells her that she is his problem solver. Kartik is happy seeing her hardwork and smartness. They have a moment. He tells her that he knew she will find some way and she has done it again. She makes the e-invites for the clients and known circle. She makes an error and changes the date in the invite. Naira doesn’t realize the big blunder. Naira expects many guests to come in the exhibition and buy the exclusive pieces, which will help them pay off the investors. Manish happily gives the business responsibilities to Kartik and Naira. Will Naira be able to manage everything well? Keep reading.


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